2019 can’t come too soon for Nigerians

2019 can’t come too soon for Nigerians

2019 can’t come too soon for Nigerians who will be taking to the polls to determine their new set of leaders or retaining the present crop of leaders.

So who will you be voting for come 2019? APC or PDP? Scratch that please. Who will be selected come 2019 as elections in this part of the world seem to be mere selection processes of pre-determined winners.

Or so it seems.
Nevertheless who would you be voting for? APC or PDP?
Yes I know. We are yet to know who the contestants will be.

That should not stop us from having an idea of who we will be casting our votes for as the next president of Nigeria. Will it be the change mantra we will follow again? After all, the change mantra came packaged albeit with the recession, body language, tongue in cheek fight of corruption, a waste of goodwill and a blatant disregard of the wishes of the people?

Or we will revert back to the self acclaimed largest party in Africa? A party that prides itself on giving power to the people but who spent the last 16 years impoverishing the people?

Let’s assume that we will be having just two candidates contesting come 2019, the incumbent Buhari or Atiku? Who would you be voting for? Who will you entrust the future and destiny of this country to? Oh like I said earlier, the process will be nothing short of a selection so why bother?

Fela Durotoye will be throwing his hat into the ring, but I wonder if he would be given the chance to lead as Prof Pat Utomi who came out before him or the late Gani Fawehinmi were disappointed by the very people they sought to lead to the promised land.

Ahmed Bee is also another young Nigerian who aspires to become president, but a mention of his name out there tends to solicit laughter and scorn and makes you wonder if we Nigerians are satisfied with the recycled politicians hell bent on ravaging this country.

Food for thought as 2019 beckons…. Will we be maintaining the status quo or hounding out the vultures who have reduced our beloved country to semblances of a failed state.

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