A Second Saga of the Samba Beats in the Polity

A Second Saga of the Samba Beats in the Polity

5 years ago when I wrote on the samba beats in the polity, I never envisaged there would be a second saga of the samba beats in the polity. It is strange that it would even arise barely 5 years later, but this is just one of the few problems bedeviling Nigeria.

There are questions which are whirling around my brain. Why would there ever be a second saga of the samba beats in our polity. I guess I didn’t see far ahead into the future to predict this. But if there is anything to be learnt from the happenings, it is the fickleness of humans.

I remember a conversation I had once with a good friend who I called naïve. He believed that loyalty is possible within the Nigerian political sphere. Laughable as history has shown this is not true. The only loyalty that exist within our polity is the loyalty to power.  Politicians make for strange bed fellows here in Nigeria. When they come together, they come to seek power. They lack ideologies, principles and honor. What they all do have in common is shame.

Writing this particular post has taken time as just about every day, there is always an event that occurs within hours that changes everything and befuddles the mind. Within the past couple of weeks, we have had events that will shape the political atmosphere till next year elections. The blockade of Senate President Bukola Saraki’s residence, the “siege” on his deputy Ekweremadu. We also had Bukola Saraki decamp back to the PDP, Senator Akpabio decamping to the APC, the siege on the National Assembly that saw Daura sacked and arrested, and a full investigation underway. We also had a purported impeachment of the Benue Governor Ortom,

We can safely say that our politicians have shown what they think is political suave but is really a crude display of immaturity. An open secret was also confirmed as our politicians showed they lack political ideologies and would rather engage in pursuit of power for power sake and not to better the lot of their people. Let us examine some events which will prove pivotal towards the 2019 elections

Adams Oshiomole’s emergence as APC National Party Chairman

A Second Saga of the Samba Beats in the Polity

When Adams Oshiomole was elected to replace former National Chairman of the APC John Oyegun, it was in a bid to reconcile aggrieved members of the party and present a united front ahead of the elections. His election however has not stopped defections happening. The APC has lost some heavyweights and gained a few, but Oshiomole’s fire brigade approach just won’t cut it. As labour leader, it could have worked, but as a political leader, he has to employ tact, which he is not doing.

When you compare PDP National Chairman Uche Secondus and Oshiomole, you do not need to be told who behaves in a polished and befitting manner.  Oshiomole is coming across as desperate and his recent insult of Saraki’s late father was totally uncalled for. It smacks of desperation and will do APC no favor.

For a man elected to ensure that APC win the 2019 elections, I fear Oshiomole through his acts will contribute towards the failure of APC in next year’s polls. His tenacity though might see APC winning.

Saraki’s decamping and its impact.

A Second Saga of the Samba Beats in the Polity

There are times I wonder if Saraki is a fan of Game of Thrones. His uncanny ability to weather rough tides and create alliances where it is seemingly impossible, makes him a strong force to reckon with in Nigeria’s political sphere.

There are those who would argue that Saraki has no political clout and is a snake and a criminal, I am not here to debate that with them. I am here to merely give my opinion. Mr President himself admitted in 2016 that Bukola Saraki is a force to contend with in Nigerian politics and you have to admit that indeed he is.

Since his defection back to the PDP, he has been made the National Leader and his input will certainly serve the PDP in the forthcoming elections. His emergence over 3 years ago as the Senate President against the wishes of the hierarchy of his party started a chain of events that culminated in his leaving the APC and it is the significance of his leaving the APC that has seen the APC determined to see him removed from his position as the Senate President by all means.

Bukola Saraki will be the game changer for PDP only if he allows the Party come first instead of his personal ambition.

His letter to Tinubu is another display of a maturity that belies his age. It also was an indication of the acrimony between both political stalwarts. Whilst some of us might shout about his antecedents, we surely must accept that his doggedness has ensured that Buhari has not used the National Assembly as a rubber stamp.

Some people I have discussed with in this regard are of a different opinion and argue that Saraki has done more harm than good and in a way has crippled the economy. To them I always say, research to gain insight. I believe the opposition so far from Saraki has been good for our democracy and in the long run will strengthen our institutions.

The “Invasion of the National Assembly and sack of Lawan Daura

A Second Saga of the Samba Beats in the Polity

At first it started out as a rumor but seeing heavily armed DSS officials at the National Assembly was a throwback to an era we all would have loved to forget. When our democracy as fragile as it was during Obasanjo’s tenure was almost truncated by interference from the executive arm of government.

It was therefore a relief when the situation was calmed and subsequently saw Lawan Daura sacked and an investigation ordered by Ag President Prof Osinbajo. The ensuing narrative however that Daura was acting on instructions from Bukola Saraki filled me with dismay.

When you see supposedly “intelligent” individuals throw around conspiracy theories, you can’t help but question their thought process.

While we await the report of the IGP on this issue, we must concern ourselves about the penchant for the current administration to lay the blame at someone else’s feet for their shortcomings. This is why we must ensure we hold them accountable and also let them know they cannot insult our intelligence.

In conclusion, I would advise that we learn to discern and separate issues as a people, but we have never learnt to do so. Our penchant to muddle just about everything up and see it as an attack on my “person” or my religion will always be our greatest undoing and heading into 2019, I fear we will see more of such.

Also, this is not an approval of Bukola Saraki, rather my views and should be treated as such.

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