A show of shame and Tyranny in Ekiti

A show of shame and Tyranny in Ekiti

This week, there was a show of shame and tyranny in Ekiti. If you did not hear about it, let me tell you, it was the stuff of comedy. Ayo Fayose just about gave a life time performance that would have earned him an Oscar nomination and probably he would have won the Oscar for best actor.

Videos are being made imitating his theatrics and antics and they sure are funny.

A show of shame and Tyranny in Ekiti

However, let us snap out of our playful mode. There are serious implications and lessons we must learn from the event that occurred. If we are to move forward as a nation, we must drop certain mindsets that are archaic and threaten to drag us towards a cataclysmic end.

The Error of Comparison

In giving excuses for what happened yesterday, I have seen people dig back to the past and bring forward events that happened in 2014 in the race to the elections. These same people are calling karma, invoking God and justice all just to justify what happened yesterday. Let me state categorically here that they forget that the ruling party now and the neutrals then condemned what happened.

Why then must this same barbaric act be condoled?

They also forget the thick fear then, when all indices pointed towards a bloody election around the country and a possible break down of law and order. Heck, the US upped their military operations at Africom in anticipation of refugees fleeing. But as biased as they are now, they lack the foresight to see that 2019 elections could be the tipping point.

So while you celebrate the show of power, do not forget that it is a preamble towards 2019, and your tacit support will only embolden this show of tyranny. Do not be deceived that it’s fun, do not be deceived that this is karma. It is not, it is a dress rehearsal for future events, and you have practically rubber stamped your approval. Blame yourselves only when the chicken comes home to roost.

The Avoidable Killings

Whilst the police were showing off their might to unarmed civilians, armed terrorists went on a killing spree in Sokoto with a rising death toll.

This would have been avoided at a time Nigeria faces her greates security threat, but the powers that be decided in their wisdom to deploy “30,000 Police personnel comprising Police Mobile Force (PMF) Units, Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU), the Special Protection Unit (SPU), the Anti Bomb Squad (EOD), Conventional Policemen, the Armament Unit, personnel of FCIID and the Sniffer dogs section, Two (2) Patrol Surveillance Helicopters, Five (5) additional Armoured Personnel Carriers, Ten (10) Armoured Personnel Vehicles and Two Hundred and Fifty (250) Police patrol vehicles”

All for an election, leaving some communities unprotected. And what has been reaction from most Nigerians? They refer back to 2014 and tell us Boko Haram were occupying 17 local governments and thus this present administration are justified for this “show of force”.

For them I say, whatever makes you sleep well at night. My thoughts and prayers are with the families of those who lost their loved ones when it could have been avoided. Rest in Peace.


Our politicians were able to perpetuate themselves in power by leading our parents down religious and ethnic lines. Now they are doing same to us, employing sentiments and some of us to do their dirty work. This is why you must emancipate yourself like Bob Marley said. A show of shame and tyranny we had in Ekiti, tomorrow all we will have will be tyranny.

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