All the Kingsmen

All the Kingsmen

We have been regaled with tales of corruption against officials of the past administration in the past couple of months. Mind boggling figures have been quoted and the masses have been screaming for blood. Our commonwealth have been plundered ruthlessly by barbarians from the North, East, West and South. The funny thing is in looting, they ceased being from a tribe or region and now claim marginalization, victimization and witch-hunt as they are made to face the law for unfathomable crimes against yet to be born citizens of this country. Forgive my pandering as I stray slightly from my musing.

The president has taken a decisive stand against corruption which is eating deeper and deeper into our very essence as a nation. Albeit in doing so, certain elements would lament his “selectiveness”. While the corruption fighters aka EFCC have gone against erstwhile PDP stalwarts, APC members especially those in the inner circle of the presidency appear to be untouchables. We all know allegations have been labeled against a certain ex governor from a southern state, another ex governor from a populous port state and most recently a former general who is now a minister is rumored to have benefited from the largess under the past administration. And to damn everything up, the present Army chief is also embroiled in his own saga. These aforementioned few constitute just a little fraction of the inner circle of the Presidency that literally have soiled their fingers.

Nigeria's newly appointed ministers attend their swearing-in ceremony in Abuja, Nigeria November 11, 2015. Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari swore 36 ministers into his cabinet on Wednesday, five months after his inauguration. Buhari won March elections after vowing to crack down on corruption in Africa's biggest economy and top oil producer. He has been criticised for waiting until September to name his ministers at a time when the economy has been hammered by the fall in oil prices. REUTERS/Afolabi Sotunde? - RTS6IJD

Although these allegations have not been proven, but the rancor generated and the silence on the Presidency’s part is suspect. Is the Presidency tacitly encouraging corruption? IS the President no longer a man of his words? Are the allegations about a witch hunt true? These and more questions plaque the minds of concerned citizens who ask if the present administration are to be trusted.

In all these, I would advice the Presidency that silence and turning a blind side towards the corrupt practices perpetrated by members of his party and indeed his kitchen cabinet will bear the Presidency no goodwill. The masses are observing and the honest truth is that the present administration will need to exert a lot of efforts in convincing the citizens of their good intents. 2019 is but a stone throw away and patience is seemingly no longer a keen virtue of Nigerians. Nigerians have had just enough and the Kings men are certainly dragging down the King, especially with his reluctance to shed them off.


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