Between the Generals currently at war with each other
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Between the Generals currently at war with each other

Between the generals currently at war with each other, we are in for a treat. The battle for 2019 has just stepped up a notch no doubt with shots fired by Sai Baba at the Ebora of Owu.

Reactions trailing Baba Iyabo’s response shows a divide amongst Nigerians. While some of the responses were quite funny, I should state that our collective is not being served by either Generals who are beneficiaries of all good Nigeria had to offer and are yet part of the problems besetting the country.

It is sad that while words are being bandied for political gains, the masses are left to their whims and caprices. Hunger, poverty and ill health ravages the country. People are being killed and kidnapped; thousands have lost and are losing their jobs.

So sad the country continues its downward spiral into chaos heralded by the very institutions and individuals charged with the task of governance.

The “assault” on Obasanjo should come as no surprise. During electioneering periods in Nigeria, we are treated to varying tactics from the political players all desperate to gain political power. We all witnessed the former first lady’s expletives on Sai Baba and the outrageous newspaper advert from a certain southwest governor. Mind you, the letter Baba Iyabo himself also wrote and has written as well.

Shouldn’t we be past this stage though as a country?

Between the Generals currently at war with each other
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Shouldn’t we be past blaming and look to the future? Then again, we are used to this and accept it as the norm. It shouldn’t be and this is why I am so much in love with Kingsley Moghalu. Whilst the rest have engaged in mudslinging and diversionary tactics, he has focused on the matter at hand and avoided the toxic politicking that is prevalent in our country. Maybe his style should be emulated for the country to forge ahead.

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