The bigger picture; is world war 3 being fought already?

The bigger picture; is world war 3 being fought already?

A few days back, the US and Russia reached a consensus agreement to cease fire with both Super Power Nations compelling the sides they support to agree to a seven day ceasefire. The agreement also included a plan that would see the U.S. and Russia would begin working out of a “joint implementation center”.

This agreement would have seen both US and Russia develop joint targets, however barely days into the cease fire, the US with its Allies bombed a Syrian Army position during the weekend, resulting in the death of  62 servicemen and injuring 100 more, with the US Central Command admitting responsibility for the strike, saying it mistook the Syrian forces for Daesh terrorists. This claim has been attacked by President Assad who says that the bombings lasted for over an hour and was immediately followed by an attack of IS troops, lending credence to claims that the US supports IS.

There however is more at stake here than just an error by the US Central Command. According to reports emanating from Syria, there are serious questions as to exactly the interest of the US and if they are not inadvertently supporting IS. Tarek Ahmad who is a Syrian Social Nationalist Party representative has claimed that WW III is being fought in Syria and the World apparently is oblivious to this. Alright, let’s not be a doomsday prophet here, but let’s examine a few facts shall we?

The bigger picture; is world war 3 being fought already?

Syria has been fighting a civil war for the past 5 years with no resolution in sight. With various factions aside the Syrian Government receiving support from “interested parties” and Russia solidly behind the Syrian Government, negotiations have been at an impasse. The result; a faceoff between Russia,Iran on one side and the West on the other side has resulted in hundreds of thousands of death, millions of refugees with still no resolution in sight. A lot of people have argued about this war being a proxy war, its complexity however belies the truth of the situation. With the Syrian government up against “terrorists” who in this instance constitute both IS and rebels, and the US backing rebels and making a show of force with airstrikes and Russia adding its weight as well, all we get is a cauldron of disaster just waiting to erupt.

What is shocking is the claims and counter claims being bandied around by both the US and Russia and in the midst of this is a suggestion to enforce a no fly zone against Syria and Russia by the US. To what end?

A key question in all this is “is the world ready for another world war?”

The bigger picture; is world war 3 being fought already?

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