Black lives do matter

Black lives do matter

Yesterday’s shooting of officers in Dallas made for a climax of a plethora of events stretching from the shooting of Alton Sterling to the Micah Johnson’s death. The series of events that led up to this point shows a degradation in relations, in values and calls for a review of the standard operating procedure of the police and a review of gun laws.

#blacklivesmatter has gained momentum as thousands have staged peaceful demonstrations across the US, while in Dallas, the police count their loss and the people sympathize with them, but we have to understand that all these would have been avoided if only, the police had done their job right in the first instance. This is not saying the policemen killed had to be killed, no, it doesn’t. I am only reiterating that these killings by the police appear to be calculated. Looking back through the years, blacks have been killed by the police and nothing was done about it. Blacks got the impression that they were and are being targeted by the police due to the color of their skin.

The belief that blacks being judged by their skin resonates stronger now than ever, and what makes the situation fluid is the irrational belief by some people that if you supported the police, you are anti black and if you support blacks you are anti police. This is just wrong and Trevor Noah pointed this out stating that you can be pro-black and pro-cop and this is what should occupy thoughts of Americans. How do Americans make a change in status quo? How do Americans ensure that the families of the dead men (Alton Sterling and Philando Castile) get justice? Will it all be about marching and releasing singles and talking about it till gradually it fades from memory and the next shooting occurs before Americans take up arms again? How safe is a black man on the streets of America and how safe are the men charged with the duty of protecting lives?
Now is the time to effect changes and ensure that lives are not lost arbitrarily in the hands of those meant to protect lives. Now is the time to ensure justice for families who are put to anguish and save lives…….. Black lives do matter and not just in the US, but in all corners of the world.

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