Celebrity Interview: Chucks Chyke

Celebrity Interview: Chucks Chyke

He is popularly known as Chucks Chyke. He is one of the first actors to think of for any challenging role in Nollywood. He is a very versatile actor and always interprets roles as best as he can and almost as nobody else can. He says more about himself here:

1. Can you tell us about yourself in brief? Your family background? Educational Background too. 

Answer: my name is Chukwuemeka Chibuikem Okoroafor popularly known as Chucks Chyke. I hail from Abia State and I am the first born child of a family of six, born July 3rd. I have a Bsc degree in Economics from the University of Calabar and also a Diploma in Arts from Bestway Film Institute. I am an actor, film maker and a space/project manager. I love my job as a performer and I am determined to make a positive difference in the film industry.
2. Have you always known that you would be an actor? 

Answer: Yes. I have always known from my teenage days but didn’t have the courage to carry on. I performed my first professional stage drama in my elementry school and I have since then acted until I registered with the Actors guild of Nigeria in the year 2000. I have worked with most of the biggest studios in Nigeria, as a performing artiste on screen and stage. I am  on facebook with this username: Chucks Chyke and on tweeter: @Chyke_chucks.
3. What were the things in your background that prepared you for the future? 

Answer: Well, I was always fond of writing scripts and doing stage plays right from when I was in primary school, so I guess all that made me who I am today. I was always found near the stage and always acting. 

4. How did you get into the industry? 

Answer: I had the strong desire to practice my chosen career, so I spoke to basically everyone I met. One day a neighbour of mine called and introduced me to a nephew that had some clue on how to get to the then Nigerian Actors Guild but now Actor Guild of Nigeria. I got to the address and registered. After that process I had to enroll into a film school where I was trained on film making generally. I was spotted by Mr. Ben and Henry Farouk Ike while in a rehearsal for the movie titled “The Patriot” in Aba and since then, it has been on and on. 
5. What has the industry been like? 

Answer: It has been awesome growing in the industry rightly though so many producers are not kin on how trained a performer is but rather depend on frivolitlies. We thank God for the light that is shining in the industry and I can comfortably say that the industry is now very fruitful to me from all angles.
6. What was your debut performance and how was the experience?

Answer: My debut performance in the entertainment industry is titled Patriot. the experience was not an easy starting but as I journeyed the work became easier, more interesting and financially fruitful. Now I enjoy the career as a performer.
7. What has been your most challenging performance? 

Answer: I will have to say “Patriot” being my first. 
8. What has been your best performance? 

Answer: I don’t have one. I keep going and try to beat my last performance with the next one.

9. How many movies have you starred in? 

Answer: I have starred in a lot of movies, I can’t say how many precisely.

10. Can you name some? 

Answer: Some of them are: Patriots, Burning bible,King’s Blood, Passion of the King, Soccer Stars, When Love Dies, Spider, The kingdom, City of Sin, Last Family Union, Broken, Strive, Blueflames, Learning Curves, Covert operation, Dirt, Court of Justice, Emerald, Ebonylife, Separate Lives, Mnet Tinsel, Afriwood Protégé, Afriwood Home coming, Death Spiral, The Secret, Breaking Secrets and so on. 

11. What awards have you gotten and how many in all? 

Answer: I have got several awards on Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor of the year and I can’t remember all specifically and I have also been nominated more times than I can remember too. I am working pretty hard to have more to the glory of God. I also have some Company and governmental endorsements.

12. What makes you different from the others in the industry? 

Answer: I study, research and work pretty hard to become the character. I don’t deliver less than the best on any character casted to play. I work on my characters concentrating on how educating and entertaining as it should with the conciousness of encapsulating the viewing audience. The characters I play are my major focus because every character should be delivered better than it is in the script. My theory is that a script is just a guideline to any character.
13. Who are your models in the industry? 

Answer: My models/mentors are Samuel. L Jackson, Denzel Washington, Will Smith, Angelina Jolie, RMD.
14. What other businesses or profession do you have outside this? 

Answer: I am a space and project manager. My company delivers on events, home and office space management and major decorations.
15. Would you want your child to pick up acting? 

Answer: Yes, I won’t mind my kids picking from where I stop but will not go through what I went through.
16. What is your social life like and what do you do when not acting? 

Answer: I love to have fun, visit the cinemas, be around people because that is the best way to learn more about characters. I love to research on google and YouTube. I also love to study on innovations of life.
17. What religion are you into? 

Answer: Christian
18. What is the difference between the real you and you on set or stage? 

Answer: the difference between the me on stage and the real me is, that when am on stage am restricted to the character but the real me has no restrictions in character but is never insensible. The real me is easy going but firm, fun loving but purpose driven, I never settle for less, I am positive minded and always ready to dig deep and give my best in all that I do. I always try to stay out of trouble too and always like keeping myself busy with things to improve myself. 

19. People think actors and actresses don’t have successful marital lives. Do you think this is so? What has been your own experience? 

Answer: Not at all, it is a personal experience and I’m sure mine will be exemplary. 
20. What roles can you not play? What can you not do in your art? 

Answer: I have never thought or considered any character or role that I can’t play. It simply means that their is no art I can’t perform. I love very challenging roles or art.
21. Are you thinking of retirement soon? 

Answer: Retirement is not visible in my career at the moment.


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