Why do people cheat? Today is Valentine and it just occurred to me that a lot of people will actually get heartbroken today. Why? Because they will get cheated on.

Ok, I feel I could make this write-up two-part then, because talking about cheating generally might just not cut it. So being a guy, I’ll start with the ladies.

Why do women cheat?
Married and single, women cheat, and it is so disgusting when you actually find out. Why do women cheat? Some women say it is because they are never satisfied with their spouses, some say it is because their spouses are too annoying, some say they just want some attention, some say they just want some extra cuddling and yeah, the oh, so popular one, some say they need some extra care or cash to take care of themselves.

The greatest one however is that some say that it is because their husbands neglect them and make them feel like some piece of property.

Is that any reason to cheat then?
Well, I once read some article about the fact that men want sex more than women and so women should have no reason to cheat but men can. I laughed so hard when I read it because I realized that it is the biggest lie of the century.

What right do men have to cheat that women don’t? What makes it ok for a man to cheat and for a woman not to?
However, it is sickening when you see a woman cheating for no reason and that is surprisingly very rampant.

I know a lady who was sleeping around with about two other guys up to about five days to her wedding and she currently stays in a different city from her husband because the husband works in a different city. Are you sure she is still not sleeping around?

I once asked a lady why she was cheating on her spouse and she said, “no reason.” Because the guy took care of her, paid her bills, is a hopeless romantic, takes care of her family, surprises her steadily, oils her engines very well and steadily so much that she said he is actually the best she has ever had.

When they separated and I asked her where she was going to start from, she said she had no idea and she doesn’t think she will ever marry again for the rest of her life because she is not sure she can ever get anyone better.

So then, why do women cheat? Is it a disease or a sickness? I pose this question to women as I myself am seeking answers.

Anyway, men, guys, please take care of your women, ladies. DO not neglect them for a minute, do not assume, always be sure, never take her for granted, do not be too tired, whenever she demands for something you can give, just try and give because if you don’t, you start to push her out from that point.

This is my one kobo. I’ll say my piece on why I think men cheat in the next write-up, Ciao! Arrivederci!

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