Destroyers within- An open letter to Gov Ambode

Destroyers within- An open letter to Gov Ambode

Yorubas have a proverb that goes thus “the pest that eats and destroys the vegetables resides within the vegetable itself”. This saying never rang more true for me than today. Was at the barber’s shop and fell into conversation with some fellas. We discussed everything Nigeria and we got talking about the electricity issue. And these fellas had a thing or two to say…….

As I left for home, I felt betrayed once again by the institution of governance in Nigeria and especially in Lagos. The revelation from these fellas shocked me to the marrow and am surprised because happenings in Nigeria have ceased to shock me. And I felt duty bound to bring this to the attention of Nigerians, Lagosians and the governor himself whose commitment to good governance might be undermined by certain elements within and without his circle.

The revelation was about a clean energy company funded by the World Bank who want to set up a power plant in Nigeria. This company intends to use waste to generate power which will be sold at a very cheap rate to Discos who in turn can sell at a cheap rate to consumers. The waste will be purchased from the waste management agency and through a litany of processes produce power, water, and blocks, which will be sold for a very cheap price. Now this is a welcome development, however right from the onset certain elements in the public sector decided to stifle this laudable project. They “hid” the proposal probably expecting a bribe. Fortunately, the brains behind this project secured a meet with a commissioner and presented their proposal to him, twice. I hear the commissioner lauded the project and promised to take it up with the governor and promised that by May 2016, the company and the government should have reached an agreement. After the meet, an “aide’ demanded to know what benefit would accrue as benefits to “them”. The company declined such “benefit” and as such have been cast out, a persona non grata to the offices.

Now that is the summary of the revelation, and I had to write this epistle to point out that we have people without the interest of the citizens at heart. Heartless people who want to only benefit and do not care to create a society where everything works. Worse is the fact that they are shameless and are only after their pockets. With their selfishness, they have stifled a whole lot of projects that would have benefitted the masses. Not again, enough is enough. I pay my bloody taxes and will no longer accept that a bunch of idiots will sit in a corner and stifle or kill projects that will make life easy for me. Mr governor Sir, these elements surround you and are the ones who would cast a bad light on your administration. They are the pest eating the vegetable from within. They are the incurable cancers who have constituted themselves as a lord within their domain, happy only to fill their pockets and go home, accursed.

Dear Mr Governor, I appeal to you Sir, to do all within your power to ensure that such viable projects that will benefit the masses are not sidelined due to the selfish interest of certain individuals, and that our commonwealth will serve the best interest of each and every citizen and resident of Lagos and Nigeria at large.


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