Does Oshiomole have the Right Arsenal to Engage Saraki in a Duel

Does Oshiomole have the Right Arsenal to Engage Saraki in a Duel

There is currently a struggle between the People’s Democratic Party and the All Progressive Congress on what political party will be in charge of Nigeria’s political space environment, as well as the National assembly. This political battle has been on for some time now and it does not look like it will end anytime soon. Although the battle between the ruling party, the All Progressive Congress, APC, and the main opposition, the People’s Democratic Party, PDP dates back to 2014 when preparations for the 2015 election which brought the All Progressive Congress into power were in full gear, at its inception it was majorly a tussle for what political party will take control of the highest political office in the land. Four years after, the fight is still on. This time, however, it is not a exactly a battle for will occupy the highest office in the land, it is now a battle among law makers both on the national, as well as the state level. Just a few days ago, men of the Department of State Security, DSS blocked the entrance to the national assembly. While it is still very largely unconfirmed what the reason for this blockage really is, members of the People’s Democratic Party, as well as the president of the senate, Bukola Saraki who happens to have defected from the All Progressive Congress to the People’s Democratic Party in grand style alleged that the blockage of the entrance of the National Assembly by men of the Department of Sate Security was a move to hijack Senate President Bukola Saraki’s seat from him unlawfully.

It quite appears that the members of the People’s Democratic Party of both the higher and lower chambers of the National Assembly were the only ones that were affected by the blockage to the entrance of the National Assembly because they were the only ones present on that day. With this, the president of the senate, Bukola Saraki and other PDP lawmakers were successfully able to convince Nigerians that the closure of the National Assembly’s entrance was done with Bukola Saraki in mind.

No one is exactly sure of who gave the orders for the men of the Department of State Security to stop senators and lawmakers from gaining access into the National Assembly complex. Even more amazing is the fact that the legislators were actually on a recess. Whilst a lot of issues surrounding the block of the National Assembly complex last week still remain vague, one thing is certain. The former  Director General of the DSS, Lawal Daura was responsible for giving the orders which led to the block of the National Assembly. Well, unlike lots of other instances that involve the misuse of power by the former DSS boss, this time he was fired. The Acting President did not waste any time in showing the former DSS boss the exit. In spite of this, a lot of Nigerians do not appear to be satisfied. Whilst most people are not sure not what to think or say, some are of the opinion that the senate president is indeed responsible for making Daura send his men to block the National Assembly complex. The reasons for this are, since the order is believed not to have come from the office of the president, as well as that of the vice president, the senate president’s position is the next position that is could issue orders to the former DSS boss. The next second reason why it is believed that the senate president is indeed responsible for issuing this order is because of his closeness to the fired Daura, as well as  the fact that he is regarded as a master of conspiracy.

Since moving from the All Progressive Congress to the People’s Democratic Party, it appears Saraki has always been hunted down by his former party members. As a result of this, he seems to have developed a good relationship with vital information, and that has helped him stay ahead of his opponents. There are quite a number of instances where Saraki outsmarted people that matter in the political sector in Nigeria. Two of them happened not too long ago. A few years back, Saraki proved to be a better politician than his father when he had a disagreement with his father as regards who the next governor of Kwara state should be. His father wanted his sister to be governor while Saraki obviously disagreed with his father. Some years after, it is obvious that Saraki beat his own father who is believed to have mentored him in the game of politics. Another instance of how Bukola Saraki’s relationship with vital information led him being triumphant over his adversaries was when he became the president of the Nigerian senate against the wishes of his own party members.

The above mentioned instances might seem like they happened in the past. Just very recently he was able to find his way into the national assembly while his convoy was stopped from leaving his street by the Nigerian Police Force. In as much as lots of explanations have come up about how Bukola Saraki was able to outsmart men of the Nigerian Police force and find his way into the senate chamber while his house was under siege, the truth is only Bukola Saraki himself, as well as those that are very close to him can give a perfect explanation of how he was able to make it to the senate chamber undetected.

Does Oshiomole have the Answer to Saraki’s Political Stunts

Does Oshiomole have the Right Arsenal to Engage Saraki in a Duel

All being said, it really appears that there is a certain system that has been employed by the  senate president in beating his adversaries in the game of politics. Although it still remains a mystery to a majority of Nigerians how Bukola Saraki is able to pull some amazing political stunt. One person seems to be gradually decoding Bukola Saraki’s political strategy, and that person is none other than the chairman of the All Progressive Congress, Adams Oshiomole. This is most likely one of the reasons the battle which is currently ongoing between the All Progressive Congress and the People’s Democratic Party can be compared to a football match between two teams which both have a talisman. In this case, Bukola Saraki can be said to be the Talisman for the People’s Democratic Party while Adams Oshiomole is the talisman for the All Progressive Congress.

Now, the amazing thing is; just like in the game of football, Bukola Saraki can be likened to a top striker that is not known to miss any goal scoring opportunity while Adams is a clinical defender that has the ability to dispossess even the best of the best. Adams Oshiomole seems bent on exposing the loopholes in every move that is made by Bukola Saraki. One way in which Adams Oshiomole is fighting tooth and nail to frustrate every move made by Bukola Saraki is his insistence that the position of Senate president which is occupied by Saraki belongs to the All Progressive Congress and that Bukola Saraki has to vacate that position because he is no longer a member of the All Progressive Congress. It might look like Bukola Saraki is one of the smartest politicians in t Nigeria at the moment, it should however be noted that Adams OShiomole is used to fighting political positions that are much bigger than he is. He proved this while he was still the leader of the Nigerian Labour Congress. Since becoming the chairman of the All Progressive Congress, Adams Oshiomole has taken over the position of Lai Mohammed as the most outspoken member of the party, and his main role is to paint Saraki in bad light in front on Nigeria and the rest of the world.

The fight to unseat Bukola Saraki from the position of Senate president is not the only fight that is ongoing between Saraki and Oshiomole. One other way in which Adams Oshiomole has taken it upon himself to frustrate Bukola Saraki is in his claims  which came in a press conference that the senate president held  after the entrance to the National Assembly complex was blocked by the DSS. Not too long after the press conference that was held by Saraki came to an end, Oshiomole also held his own press conference to counter everything that was said by Saraki in the previous press conference. That is not all that Oshiomole is up to as far as the fight against Saraki is concerned. OShiomole has also made statements about taking his fight against Saraki to Kwara state and will not stop until the Saraki family loses its grip in Kwara politics.

While the battle between the All Progressive Congress and the People’s democratic Party continues, it remains uncertain who is winning in this fights. This is because both parties claim to be on the winning side. One obvious case where it still remains vague who is winning is what party has the majority of its members in the senate chamber. Both the APC and the PDPD claim to be the majority. It is still inconclusive what party is leading in this battle, all Nigerians can do is keep their fingers crossed as they watch everything unfold.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, it appears that Oshiomole might indeed have the secrets to tame Saraki and make him seem ordinary. Nevertheless, Oshiomole is fighting from the valley. The defection of Saraki from the All Progressive Congress to the People’s Democratic Party is not the first time that a senator is defecting in the senate chamber. However, unlike other senators such as  Aminu Tambuwal that defected without giving up their positions, Bukola Saraki is being told to give up his position as senate president. This occurrence shows nothing but double standards on the part of the All Progressive Congress. With this in mind, it can be seen that both Bukola Saraki who has now turned out to be everyone’s hero, as well as Adams Oshiomole who is trying to make Bukola Saraki look like a villain are fighting for their own personal interests and nothing more.

Saraki Might have more than Oshiomole can Handle

Does Oshiomole have the Right Arsenal to Engage Saraki in a Duel

In as much as the fight to impeach Saraki is one that Adams Oshiomole has taken very personal, Oshiomole might have more than just Bukola Saraki to contend with. Already, some of the most prominent lawyers in Nigeria have lashed out at the chairman of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Adams Oshiomole. They cautioned him to be careful of his utterances while he makes moves and plans to impeach Saraki.

In as much as Oshiomole made a lot of comments that are considered unacceptable legally, one of the comments that has caught the attention of some eminent lawyers is : “No Court will save Saraki”. According to these lawyers statements such as the one above shows disrespect for the Judiciary. They made it known that Oshiomole is free to fight for whatever course that he deems fit. He, however, cannot rule over a case in which he is involved.

This is what Mike Ozekhome had to say about Oshiomole’s threats towards Senate President Bukola Saraki:

A court’s decision on any matter is final. No executive fiat can override it. The tripartite doctrine of separation of powers is found in Sections 4 (Legislation), 5 (Executive), and 6 (Judiciary), of the 1999 constitution as amended. None of these arms of government can act in disobedience of the other.

“That doctrine of separation of powers was mostly popularized in 1748 by a great French philosopher, Baron de Montesquieu. Once a court gives a judgement, all governments, persons and authorities must obey it. Not to do so is a recipe for anarchy and chaos. Such torpedoes democracy and conscripts the democratic space.”

The vice president of the Nigerian Bar Association, Mr. Monday Ubani, also had this to say,

“Mr. Chairman, note that I am not a fan of Mr. Saraki and I have not hidden my disdain for his personality and activities in the upper chamber, but try to be wise in some of your utterances and note that we have intelligent and educated people in Nigeria. We are not all fools, for God’s sake.  The four ways for Mr. Saraki to leave the present seat as required b law are (1) Death (2) Resignation (30 Dissolution and (40 Impeachment by two-third majority of the entire membership of the Senate, approximately 73 senators”.

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