Esu the most misrepresented of all Orishas
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Esu the most misrepresented of all Orishas

Esu the most misrepresented of all Orishas

Elekun n sunkun, Esu n sun eje

Onigbowa aye
Alarena ode orun
Enimo o ko, eniko o, o omo

O gbaiwajuwole, onilegbaehin jade

O lo daindainmookunoro


Esu is shedding blood when the owner of the problem is shedding tears

The one in control of aye i.e. earth

The special middle man between heaven and earth

He who knows him never meet him and he who meets him does not know him

He came through the front door and the owner of the house ran out through the back door

One who has the anointed rope to success, wealth and all the good things
Torment an entire ethnic group for just a couple of centuries and they brand you “the Devil”, I mean who does that well except the Yoruba race. And I blame the so called western influence for that. I am an indispensable Orisha to the Yorubas, that’s why I am represented in all shrines in Yoruba land. I am the right hand divinity to Orunmila I am like the Hermes of Yoruba land,I run errands for Orunmila and I ensure that all Orunmila desires are carried out.

Esu the most misrepresented of all Orishas

Carry sacrifices in my name with eku (rat), eja (fish), omi tutu (clean water), oti (gin), obi (kolanut), orogbo (bitter kola), marshed yam (eewo), ogedeomini (a type of banana), eyinadie(hen egg), epo pupa (palm oil), akara (bean cake), gbugburu (roasted corn), eyele (pigeon), akukoadie (cock), obuko (he – goat) and I will put in a good word for you with the old man up there.


Although misrepresented as the devil I still feel sorry for him, getting blamed for practically everything whereas he wasn’t even there when the event may have occurred, besides do you know how many people per hour rain curses on him or even pray for his destruction? I mean, wow, he really should never had asked for more from Olodumare.

But more on me, yes I am devastating, yes I am mischievous, but that is to be expected of the bearer of tidings both good and bad from Olodumare.

I just had an epiphany, it just occurred to me that this must have been the reason why people like AiméCésaire in UneTempête, described me as “the Black-Devil god”.

Where do they get off spewing such nonsense? Do they know the amount of good I have brought to them following instructions from the above or is it bad to enjoy breaking people’s spirit and crushing their soul when implementing Eledumare’s wish?

NO!!! It just shows am good at my job, which reminds me, as approver and bearer of sacrifices to Orun, I have only limited time to spare you petty and puny humans.

Oh Boy!!!  I really am looking forward to “first of all” in his drinks and food at every meal apart from those special appeasement from Orunmila. The pained look on his face is so priceless every time I disappoint him by showing up for it. By Jove I love my job.


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