Joining matters with the Buhari led administration seems to be a crime, not necessarily because you are the opposition but rather for voicing out your opinion. And am not accusing the FG of trampling on the right of speech, God knows my rights have so far not been trampled on, but still some people have felt the heavy hand of the FG for voicing out, though most of them do have skeletons in their proverbial cupboards.

My grouse with the Buhari led administration stems from this feeling I got watching The Walking Dead latest episode. I know most people will shirk at my analogy, but do I care? Nope.

In this particular episode of The Walking Dead, Negan while leaving tells Rick “In case you haven’t caught on, I just slid my dick down your throat and you thanked me for it”. And that is exactly what is going on in Nigeria.

Nigerians have had a raw deal in the hands of all our leaders. We have been raped by past administrations and this present administration is no better. What is most annoying is how this administration have under their watch allowed things to go from bad to worse.

A common misdemeanor is the idea that things have to get worse before it gets better but it doesn’t have to and in the peculiar case of Nigeria, things progress from bad to worse and it just keeps getting worse. A terminally ill person does not undergo a treatment meant to make he or she worse.

A lot of supporters of the present administration will resort to name calling due to this write up, in fact they have a name for anyone who does not see eye to eye with the FG;  a wailing wailer. A term now so common and so unwisely used by people so loyal to a cause and blind to the harm the cause is wrecking on the populace.


Buhari’s administration kicked off on the wrong foot. An example is Trump who was voted in less than a fortnight ago, who will soon announce his cabinet. Another example is the recycling of old men who have no idea on how to run a government, how to foster and implement policies that will benefit the nation. Prime examples are the Minister of Information who advised graduates to become Masquerade drivers, the Communication Minister who is so hell bent on introducing a 5% VAT on calls, data etc, the Sports Minister who believes that athletes do not need to train ahead for tournaments, the Science Minister who forecasts that Nigeria will begin producing pencils 2017 or so, the finance Minister who has no idea on what funds released were meant for.


I could go on and on but time and space won’t allow me, that doesn’t mean that I won’t state my grouse with the FG. My grouse is the fact that the blame game syndrome, my grouse is how “experts” were called to make inputs into its Medium Term National Economic Plan after its rejection by the senate. Why were the experts not invited earlier and how come there is no copy of this plan available for public consumption? Why is this plan just being fine tuned when the administration has less than 2 years to implement it and why didn’t the administration have the plan ready before they assumed office



To be continued…………..


[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]Qui Si Convien Lasciare Ogni Sospetto

Ogni Vitta´ Convien Che Qui Sia Morta

Here Must All Distrust Be Left

All Cowardice Must Here Be Dead[/author_info] [/author]

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