Nigeria has always had justice keepers who make it their sole responsibility of dealing with errant citizens. Their sole targets are thieves and I say kudos to the justice keepers for a job well done. I remember the first time I ever saw their handiwork; I was shocked to the bone marrows. I still recoil whenever I remember what I saw. Barely two years later these justice keepers were at work at Aluu and they did a perfect job as they upheld the law.


Today, I was confronted with another instance of the justice keepers doing a perfect job of riding the society of law breakers. This time, it wasn’t some students from Aluu, rather it was a boy of seven years old. A boy accused of stealing cassava flakes. A boy who could have easily been their son, their brother, their son’s friend, a potential lawyer, a potential Nobel Prize winner, a boy who could have discovered the cure for cancer, or HIV, the next Mark Zuckerberg.

But of course there is no reasoning with the Justice Keepers, as they have never stolen and as such they can cast the first stone. They have never been found wanting and alas Justice is blind and therefore they could be without compassion and torture a 7 year old kid. They did not stop at that though. They burnt the poor boy to death. Serves him right they probably said, maybe when he reincarnates he won’t attempt stealing cassava flakes.

Meanwhile these justice keepers hail the likes of one senate president like that, a minister of transport and other big men who would never condescend to stealing cassava flakes, no, why should they? The legislooters are spared as long as they share rice and oil this coming Christmas.

I don’t think am being sarcastic again. I am just weary of living in a country of savages, of animals, of people who are half witted, apologies to no one. If a 7 year old kid could steal cassava flakes, is it right to burn him to death? Countless people have been burnt to death on the whims and caprices of hypocrites, who cannot create or give life. If you are incapable of giving life, how dare you take life? I guess my mum should have burnt me times without number for reaching into her pot of soup for some pieces of meat.

As for our legislators and senators, its time a bill is passed into law prohibiting jungle justice with charges of murder and manslaughter brought against perpetrators and also I believe people who can witness these dastardly acts and stand by doing nothing should not go unpunished. Also the police are culpable and as such should be mandated on ensuring prosecution of anybody handed over them to by civilians after a thorough and diligent investigation has been carried out.


Update: Reports state the victim is not a 7 year old kid but rather a notorious criminal. However this does not change the fact that jungle justice is wrong and offenders should be punished because we are  humans and are supposed to be civilized. 

[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’]http://megasblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/Guy_fawkes_mask.jpg[/author_image] [author_info]Qui Si Convien Lasciare Ogni Sospetto

Ogni Vitta´ Convien Che Qui Sia Morta

Here Must All Distrust Be Left

All Cowardice Must Here Be Dead[/author_info] [/author]


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