And our lawmakers keep up their show of SHAME.


For a nation that prides itself about being the giant of Africa, we sure have lost all shame. The brashness with which our affairs are conducted shows a lack of finesse, ineptitude and a penchant for adhering to corruption. In a sane society, most of our present crops of leaders would not be anywhere near a position of authority. The fact they are elected representatives of the people is a sham. Their personalities and conduct within their elected positions is a true reflection of all that is wrong within Nigeria.

To buttress my point, let us examine various incidents our lawmakers have been involved in since they were….

Choosing leaders amongst both houses proved a difficult task albeit causing ruckus and drama. Fast forward a couple of months later,  Sahara Reporters released contact details of lawmakers which prompted some citizens to send texts to their representatives. Interestingly one of the citizens got a reply from supposed Venerable Senator “Abiodun Olujimi” who confessed to buying votes and not caring about being accountable. Oh what impunity and shame I say.

Then came the budget padding that shocked the country. Followed by accusations of attempted rape and solicitations against 3 Reps members and now we have the Abdulmumin Jubrin saga. Hear Jubrin explain some practices within the Hallowed house of Representatives:


“I got N650 million as my running cost as the Chairman of Appropriations Committee. Speaker Yakubu Dogara got N1.5 billion. His deputy Yusuf Lasun got N800 million. House Majority Leader Femi Gbajabiamila got N1.2 billion. Deputy Majority Leader Buba Jibrin got N1.2 billion. House Whip Alhasan Ado Doguwa got N1.2 billion. Deputy House Whip got N700 million. House Minority Leader Leo Ogor got N1.2 billion. Deputy Minority Leader Onyema got N800 million. Minority Whip got N700 million. Deputy Minority Whip got N700 million. I have documents to back up all these,”


Now let us calculate these figures which give us roughly 11 billion naira shared between 11 individuals. I mean what the heck? Are we kidding ourselves? Why would 11 individuals share such a huge amount of amount as running cost? What are they running? These running costs would of course be different from their allowances and salaries. And yet all we hear everyday is the country is in recession and we should brace ourselves for hard times. To compound this issue, these running costs would be for just a year meaning, if Honourable Jubrin had kept quiet, within 4 years 44 billion or thereabouts would have been shared between these individuals.  It is a shame really when we think about it, and the reward Honourable Jubrin gets is a suspension for daring to reveal the dirty secrets of the Honourables.


And what makes it all the more funny is the people’s reaction towards these revelations. Maybe we are too dumbfounded by these revelations or we expect karma to fight on our behalf, what is sure is this, these men without shame have stolen with so much impunity that they fling it in our faces daring us to do our worse. They have taken us for granted believing that all it will cost them once elections are around the corner is to grease our palms with money they brazenly stole from us, share some accursed foodstuff and then flaunt their ill gotten wealth in our faces.


Enough already o ye Reps of shame, posterity won’t judge you, history won’t judge you, your consciences won’t judge you as you have no shame. Your judgment lies in the hands of the masses and its delivery comes nigh, swift and sure.


[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]Qui Si Convien Lasciare Ogni Sospetto

Ogni Vitta´ Convien Che Qui Sia Morta

Here Must All Distrust Be Left

All Cowardice Must Here Be Dead

GUY FAWKES[/author_info] [/author]  

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