Any law that allows criminals to ride on national security is a bad law, any legal instrument that does not protect national security agencies and ordinary persons on the street is a law that should be jettisoned, and any court pronouncement that would go to no issue with no effect whatsoever if it violates common sense and would encourage the majority of the citizens to believe in jungle justice rather than the social and judicial justice since it would remain a mere pronouncement!
Laws are made for men, not the other way round.

How can one explain the position of Nigerian criminal law that punishes stealing of any property with value above #1,000.00 with 7 years imprisonment while stealing of billions of naira from public treasury is punished with two years imprisonment under the ICPC and EFCC?
Why are they prosecuting the corrupt government officials and political office holders under the ICPC and EFCC rather than the Criminal Code/ Penal Code Act that provides for heavier punishment?
Stealing is simply put, conversion of properties, things capable of being stolen fraudulently with the intention of permanently denying the owner(s) the use of it.


I believe stealing from the public treasury should be specially and seriously punished. We should have a law that protects the public treasury from being looted with impunity… Something in the nature of Robbery and Firearms (Special Provisions) Act,which would punish looting of public treasury with life sentence and make it a capital offense where the looting is capable of depriving the citizens access to education, hospital, water, food and security, or has the potential to lead to death of any person…. Creating a special court to try corruption cases and bring specially trained and tested judges to the Court, look for good and experienced trusted prosecuting lawyers and take very good care of them…


This is because the present sham being undertaken by the present government on its fight against corruption will go nowhere. A very good example is the handling of the Dasuki saga. Interesting Dasuki sued the FG to the Ecowas court “a far more efficient judicial system” and he won. This is not to say that Dasuki isn’t corrupt but rather that the agencies charged with fighting corruption are going about it the wrong way and have so far bungled a lot of cases they could have easily won. The good they could have done is been destroyed by their modus operandi.


Why is it so difficult to prosecute corrupt politicians and government officials? My friend, Bayo Olorunmeke, opined the reason is simply a matter of morality among thieves, a criminally minded official still in service will find it very difficult to diligently prosecute an exposed corrupt official believing he would be protected by the system if he is eventually caught! The honour among thieves, chickens ordinarily do not eat chickens’ intestines… And the society itself appears to shield looters simply because these looters share same tribe or ethnicity with them. This is a wrong sentiment because looting of the Commonwealth by a select few deprives the society and it’s future of necessary social amenities. It’s effect a ripple along generations and it’s consequence dire.

[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]BARR. AKEREDOLU SEGUN[/author_info] [/author]

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