Let’s go back to the basics of loving

Let’s go back to the basics of loving

Let’s go back to the basics of loving when sighting your crush sent thrills down your spine. When your palms were sweaty, as you summoned courage to ask her out. When on sighting her from afar and you are with your goons, you behave yourself and try hard not to act ungentlemanly.

Lets go back to the basics of loving when you can see him stealing looks at you. When you wished he could quickly make up his mind and ask you out. When on an  outing with your friends, you see him from afar and you quickly check yourself to ensure you look good.

Let’s go back to the basics of loving when you two start dating and just can’t seem to get enough of each other. When you two are always on the call to each other, missing each other, loving yourselves to heaven and back. When you two promise each other to love yourselves forever. Like Bonnie and Clyde, it’s the two of you against the world.

Then the doubts start to creep in, you need assurances from your partner, then he doesn’t call or she doesn’t pick. You feel she spends too much time on social media while she feels you are becoming way too familiar with that gal from school or work. And so begins the end of your relationship and you sometimes are forced to ask what really happened. Where did it all go wrong? How did I stop finding her fascinating or when did I stop loving him? Is there still a thing between us? For those that are lucky, the break up might be amicable whilst for others it’s acrimonious. Some however try to stick it out and this sometimes ends up in disaster.

Then the calm, peace and beauty of being with each other becomes a nightmare. Lately online, videos have emerged of couples fighting, battering each other; and the one that got me most was of an undergraduate couple who seemed to be living together though unmarried. The young man pummeled his woman in a way that belied whatever feelings they might have had of each other. So I say, lets go back to the basics of loving,

Let’s cast aside aspersions associated with relationships lest we fall afoul of hurting ourselves.

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