Megasblog meets with Segun Olujobi CEO EDA Theatre International Ministries

Megasblog meets with Segun Olujobi CEO EDA Theatre International Ministries

We are with the CEO EDA Theatre International Ministries, Mr Segun Olujobi. For those who are yet to know you, can you introduce yourself?

I think there is no better introduction than for a man to tell his names and that’s what you’ve just done sir. Once again, I’m Segun Olujobi, a young writter.

What informed your writing Mafaa? I mean your inspiration.

Firstly, God is our source of inspiration as no man can inspire himself. Inspiration is drawn from something that is Divine. Back in 2014, we had an invitation from Oyo State Council for Arts and Culture, to perform at an event which was put together to celebrate the Centenary, at the Cultural Centre, Ibadan.
Having to pick from what was in the archive, we wanted something new and different. So we fasted and prayed for a new idea and the story, Maafa, landed.
We then proceeded in putting it into writing. Little did we know that it’ll get here today.


Megasblog meets with Segun Olujobi CEO EDA Theatre International Ministries

What is the general theme of this piece?
Uhmmm! That’s a great question. But let me answer it this way. There was a wall built on sweat, blood and oneness. But over time, due to selfish sensitivity to our differences, the same wall that was built on love was destroyed by hatred.
The play then addresses the power of unity in rebuilding the walls of this nation. Though other themes like racism, slavery, tribalism, racial subordination and segregation, racial inequality etc are also  evidently captured.

What is your audience to expect from this play?
Like I always say, Lagos stage is full of crazy theatrics, so if you really want to do something worthwhile, you must dare to create something beyond the norm. I can only say that our audience should expect to see God at work on that day.

What effect do you think this play will have on the Nigerian Society and the World at large?

The vision given to us by God concerning the play is to rebuild the walls of this nation and the world at large. So it becomes a must watch for all Nigerians, irrespective of age, because it is a play that will change the history of this nation.

This will not be the first staging of the Play Mafaa, what makes this different?

What makes it different is because, over the years, the play has gone through several changes to improve the story, the plot, and the concept. So with the experience and humility of the director, Mr. Makinde Adeniran, and the support of the National Troupe of Nigeria, it promises to be levels above what had been seen before.

From what we can see from the rehearsals, Mafaa promises to be gripping, breathtaking. What motivates you?

The thirst to see a theatrical piece change and solve the chaos we find ourselves in as a nation, is a burden that is well received on our shoulders, and a force that propels us every day to see this come to pass.

This performance will be free, and for a performance of this magnitude, I have to ask, what informed your decision?

With the support and agreement with the National Troupe of Nigeria, and because of what the play represents, we want give all Nigerians, equal opportunity to savour the content before going strictly commercial. That is why we made the first one free for all. It is a rare opportunity.

What projects are you working on and what’s coming up later this year?
For now, no other project order than this as this is just the beginning

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