Megasblog meets with Wole Ojo, Actor Extraordinary

Megasblog meets with Wole Ojo, Actor Extraordinary

The Amstel Malta Box Office Show has given Nollywood a lot of prolific and professional actors and actresses, like OC Ukeje, Ali Nuhu, Tonto Dikeh and so on. The 4th edition in 2009 produced a winner. His name is Wole Ojo. He appeared in Amstel Malta’s “The Child” and was nominated for Most Promising Actor Award for his performance in it. He had these to tell us about himself.


1: Can you tell us about yourself?

Wole: I am Adewole Ojo and my screen name is Wole Ojo. I was born in 1984 on the 6th June to Mr and Mrs Abiodun Ojo. I grew up in Bar Beach Police Barracks. I attended Police Children School, Obalende and also Command Children School, Bonny Camp Victoria Island and St. Gregory’s college, Ikoyi and I went to the Univeristy of Lagos and I am a graduate of Creative Arts. 


2: Have you always known that you would be an actor/actress?

Wole: Yes! Always. I fell in love with acting early in life, I grew up in front of the tv watching shows like Fresh Prince, the Cosby show, the Second Noah, Rags to Riches, Family Matters, Out All Night, and so on. These shows formulated what I will call my first source of acting classes. I was also crazy about cartoons and I still am (shrugs). But I have plans to obtain a degree in law in the near future.

Megasblog meets with Wole Ojo, Actor Extraordinary

3: What were the things in your background that prepared you for the present?

Wole: Like I said, watching those shows and picking up a lot of things from them and always criticizing actors and actresses on Nigerian children shows. Also, mimicking people and trying to get them right.


4: How did you get into the industry and what has the industry been like?

I started out early around the age of nine, I remember I used to be hooked on the tv show titled Kidivision 101 and I would critic every actor on it. My mum (God bless her) challenged me to do better. I got to audition for a role in the programme at the NTA office on Ahmadu Bello way which was very close to my house then, and this was made possible through the help of two friends Imoh (who’s late now, may his soul rest in peace) and Uyime who is now a DJ (DJ Picasso). So, in the 90’s, I featured in children’s series; ‘Kidivision 101’ and hit family sitcom ‘One Big Family’ both aired on NTA. These two engagements spanned across a period of six years. I have also featured in a few television series which include; The Maze, Everyday People, One Love, This Life, Dear Mother, Havilla and Haven and i am presently on Tinsel.

The industry is a collage, thus it’s mixed with bitter and sweet experiences and I have had a fair share of both.

Megasblog meets with Wole Ojo, Actor Extraordinary

5: What was your debut performance and how was the experience?

My debut screen performance was playing the role of Benson, a camera man in ‘Kidivision 101’, I was 9 at the time. I remember I was quite nervous, but when the director said the magic word “action” I let loose and didn’t look back and months after I was made a major character “Ochalla” in the same show, which I went on to play for about 5 years.


6: What has been your most challenging performance? In what way did that constitute a challenge?

Wole: I cannot say particularly because all of these performances come with new challenges. However, when I started and I was growing up, it was harder than it is now.  


7: What has been your best performance? What did you consider in deciding it was your best performance?

Wole: I can never be the judge of that, I just give all of them my best shot.

 Megasblog meets with Wole Ojo, Actor Extraordinary

8: How many movies have you starred in? Can you name some?

Wole: Honestly can’t remember the exact number but I can name a few “Angel of Micheal”, “Maami”, “Lust”, “Tinsel”, “Façade”, “The Child”, “Finishing Strong”, “When Fishes Drown”, “Brave”, “Aging Gracefully”, “Anita”, “The Hour”, “Taxi”, “The Haven”, and so on.

9: What awards have you gotten and how many in all?

Wole: I have been nominated for quite a lot but I have been able to pick just 1 so far which is the award for the Best Student Actor at the Peak Awards in 2010, (laughs) I guess I still have a lot of improving to do.


10: What makes you different from the others in the industry

Wole: What I will like to call “My individuality” is something every actor has, it’s what makes one different from the next.


11: Who are your models in the industry?

Wole: Ah! Very many ooo… (laughs)

Mel Gibson, Tunde Kelani, Will Smith, James Cameron, Izu Ojukwu, Steven Spielberg, Ramsey Nouah Jnr., Sam Dede, RMD, and so on. Very many oh… (laughs)

Megasblog meets with Wole Ojo, Actor Extraordinary

12: What other businesses or profession do you have outside this?

My world revolves around showbiz  but I’m also into social networking and business dealings. 


13: Would you want your child to pick up acting?

Most definitely. 


14: People think actors and actresses don’t have successful marital lives. Do you think this is so? What has been your own experience?

Wole: Well, it all has to do with the individuals involved and it happens to everybody but when it happens to actors, they are celebrities, so the case gets celebrated.  


15: What is your social life like and what do you do when not acting?

Wole: It’s pretty normal and simple. I like the simple good things of life. When I’m not acting I do a lot, fun, work, family, business and so on.

16: Do you play games or sports? What game or sports do you play?

Wole: Oh yeah, I play FM, Football Manager. (Laughs)


17: What is the difference between the real you and you on set or stage?

Wole: A lot! I’m Wole Ojo but on set or stage I take up any character I am supposed to depict.


18: What roles can you not play? What can you not do in your art?

Wole: Hmmmm… I’m very daring so that’s a tough one. However, I would say any role that I cannot play any role I would consider detrimental to my image.


19: Are you thinking of retirement soon?

Wole: No, not at all. 

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