Movie Review- Eye in the Sky

Movie Review- Eye in the Sky

Movie Review- Eye in the Sky

Release Year- 2016

Directed by- Gavin Hood

IMDB – 7.4/10

Box office- $32.7 million*

Plot- A mission to capture wanted terrorists takes a new turn when it becomes a kill mission and complications arise from a moral perspective, the opportunity to prevent an attack and the need to be politically correct.

Eye in the Sky resonates soundly in its message as it examines a wide range of subjects and yet narrows its main themes down to morality, political correctness and the gimmicks of modern warfare. Alan Rickman and Helen Mirren delivered a strong performance as they battled bureaucracy and its attendant bottlenecks and almost lost a good fight, Aaron Paul and Phoebe Fox took a stand for morality and held us back from committing the sin of ignoring the pains suffered by the individual most affected with decisions taken high up – us.

The suspense, the nail biting, the exasperation and the utter disbelief experienced watching Eye in the Sky is proof that the art of film making can still whip up in us a whirlwind of emotions that leaves us emotional exhausted at the end of the movie. Eye in the Sky makes for a resonating message that cuts across all nations and pitches institutions against individuals. It’s take on terrorism, innocence, technology offers a perspective that changes what war is and how wars might be fought in future.

Rating: 8.0




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