Mr Dash plans his seduction of Darcy

Mr Dash plans his seduction of Darcy

My name is Mr. Dash and this is my diary. I told you a while back that I will be giving you stories of what happens in my life every week. At least one story of what between me and a lady. So basically, I’ll be giving you gists about my sexcapades, rompcapades and romancecapapdes.

I finished the story of my first encounter with Sope a while back, so this week, I’ll be telling you Darcy’s story. Sorry it took this long but it is because I have had my head buried in two shapely legs and two luscious thighs with the perfect twerky are for a while now.

Let me be frank, even till now, Darcy and I have not fucked but boy oh boy, was that a first encounter or what?

Darcy is not so tall but she is also not short. She has perky boobs that seem to tell you that you can’t handle them when you look at them. She also has a nice, firm and full ass that I noticed the first time I saw her.

Her friend’s name is Augustina and I met Darcy through Augustina.

So, on this beautiful day, just last Friday I mean, Darcy came to my bar with Augustina and one other friend and they sat and nursed two bottles of Star Raddler and one bottle of 1960 beer for over two hours. I wanted to ask them why or just even place orders for the second round but my mind told me not to, so I just watched them.

When it was around 10:30 pm, Augustina came to meet me and asked if I get them a place where they could change as they were going clubbing that night. in my mind, I go, “ooooohhhh yeeaaah, no wonder.” I call one of my servers and asks him to show them to a place where they could change, the dude did that and they thanked me as they went in.

Some 35 minutes later, they came out covered in draping gowns and big coveralls and overalls.

My antenna spiked with the weird warning signal and I approached them. By this time, a large number of my costumers had gone and I was left with the few usual late-night crawlers.

I turn to Augustina and said, “Sweetie, I am pretty sure that these things y’all gat on ain’t what y’all are wearing to the club tonight.”

She smiles at me seductively and says, “Of course not sugar pie. We have our skimpiness hidden under all these.”

I smile at her and lick my lips suggestively as I think and when I finally talk, even I am amazed at what comes out.

I look at her straight in the eyes and say, “I wanna hug y’all in y’all skimpiness, so you all are gonna unbutton or unzip but not pull off the overalls and I will hug you with your skimpies.”

Augustina looks at me as she pulls her lower lip in with her upper teeth and she sucks on it as she says, “ok.”

She starts to unbutton her own long gown and reveals a smaller light blue gown that seems to be made of tiny ropes. I drink her in to my satisfaction and I go, “hhmmmm, hhmmm, hhmmm.” I proceed to sneak my arms around her all the way to the back as I pull her in for a full 20 seconds hug which immediately has my cock responding.

Her other friend has a stance like she is waiting for her turn, so I decide to make Darcy the last one. The other friend also has on a long gown and I start to unbutton the gown myself from top to her waist. I don’t even know this girl’s name but I dip my hands into her gown like I  going for her ass but instead, I decide to be responsible and just pull her in for a very tight hug too but decide to give her ass cheeks a brief squeeze before I withdraw my hands totally. She just looks at me like she is sizing me up but likes what I just did. I look at her face and see nothing to show her friends what I just did. In my mind, I go, “ooohh, sweetie, I’m’a fuck you too real soon and real good.” However, up until now, I still don’t know her name.

I finally turn to Darcy with a full smile on my face but she just puts a finger on the top button of my shirt and uses it to pull me closer as she slowly pulls down the zipper on her own long sweater. She does it so slowly and seductively that my dick starts to throb as the top of her boobs begin to come into view, “oh s**t, this is it.”

She pulls it all the way down and I see she is only wearing a very short shorts, almost like she is wearing just panties because her ass cheeks are peeking out. Her top is so small that it brarely covers her boobs and I can see she has no bra on underneath.

I am so lost that I forget to pull her in for a hug but she does not waste any time as she puts her arms around my neck instead and pulls me in for the hug I started out for. I gather myself and put my hands beside her boobs for a simple squeeze and I move my hands from there all the way down to her ass cheeks which I grab like it was my last chance. She gasps softly and looks into my eyes, daring me to do more, so I use her ass to lift her in the air. She screams softly and gives a throaty laugh as she wraps her legs around my waist while her friends look on.

One of my servers is the one to call my attention as she gives a soft shout. I drop Darcy and smack her ass cheek with my left hand while I direct her left hand with my right hand till it rests on my now rock-hard and pulsing cock. She moans softly and says, “Too bad you’re not clubbing with us tonight.”

I look on as they leave and when they have gone, one of my friends comes to stand beside me. I look down at my dick and just say to my friend, “Let’s go clubbing.”



…….To be Continued……





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