Mr Dash’s Diary- How i met Sope

Mr Dash’s Diary- How i met Sope

My name is Mr. Dash and this is my diary. I told you last time that I will be giving you stories of what happens in my life every week. At least one story of what between me and a lady. So basically, I’ll be giving you gists about my sexcapades, rompcapades and romancecapapdes. I told you last time that I would tell you how I met Sope and what happened between us, so here goes.

Like I said last time, I manage a bar and this puts me in the position where I can meet all sorts of people everyday, especially all sorts of girls.

I am seated with a couple of friends and we’re having drinks and just talking when this buxom lady walks in. She is taller than me and almost fair complexioned and I also notice that she is on low-cut hair. She goes to a table and sits alone. She orders for a plate of assorted peppersoup and a cold bottle of Big Stout and just digs in.

At this point, I am so distracted and cannot hear a word of what the dudes with me are saying. I keep looking at this lady who is dressed in a simple gold and lemon green armless gown and drapes a beige chiffon button-down jacket on it.

I stare at this lady so much that I have to finally get up and go to meet her. “Hello, good evening”. She looks at me like I just said, “I am Obama”, especially when she knows that is a lie.

I keep going, “My name is Dash and I manage this beautiful establishment.” Then, I hear the thinnest voice ever, “My name is Sope.” In my mind, I go, “what the f**k?” but instead, I blurt out, “That’s a rare name and it’s beautiful too.” She just smirks and starts to look down into her cup. I see she is not interested in my little talk, so I leave her alone and go back to my seat. I call one of my waiters after a while and tell him to give her 2 bottles of Big Stout and open both before she can reject them. She screams softly when she sees them and just smiles and nods slightly. I call the kitchen staff next and order for the biggest catfish pepper soup for Sope and I just keep chatting with my friends and glancing at her occasionally. The fish arrives when she is halfway into the second bottle. She is shocked when she is told it is from me and she stands up to come thank me and she says, “thank you so much.” I just smile back at her with my most dashing smile and a slight pout. She looks at me like she does not know what to do and then she turns too fast and staggers slightly. I am very fast and I jump up to steady her. She smiles and I escort her to her seat, leaving my douchebag friends alone with their drinks for company.

When we get to Sope’s table, she shakes her head slightly and says, “are you trying to get me drunk?” I just snicker and the devil in me says, “fuck yeah.” She smiles again and just delves into the fish. I have ordered that the fish be peppery, so she could take more beer and true to the Grills man’s words, it was peppery. Sope starts to down her beer to douse the fire in her mouth and I am happy inside me. She calls a barman to open the third bottle and also demands for a bottle of water. She sits upright and goes “aaaaaahhh, oooooooohhh, mmmmmhhhhhmm.” I immediately feel my member reacting to the sound of that and I cannot keep quiet. I just blurt out, “oh please, stop sounding like that.” She replies, “how?” I say, “the oooohhhs and aaaaaahhhs.”

Sope smiles seductively and I see the effect of the alcohol is starting to hit home. She says, “what is it doing to you?” Before I can think of a sane enough answer, she goes, “ooooooooohhhhhh, ooooooo yeeeaaaa, aaaaaaaaaahhhhh.” And then she licks her lips with her tongue. I immediately get up with an excuse to go do something and I try to push back my ass without touching the front of my trouser so she doesn’t get what my aim is but it obviously doesn’t work as she just says in a soft scream, “oh my God, what is that?” She is starting to laugh now and I’m thinking, maybe I have met more than my match.

Then she just stops laughing and says, ” maybe I should start leaving.” I really don’t know what to say to that and she just starts to rush her beer, so much that it trickles down her lips and is starting to flow right into the little gap her heavy boobs have created and that just gets me saying, “yes, let me see you off.”

Sope snickers and says, “I thought you were a bad boy, but you obviously are not.” In my mind , I go, “we’ll see.” She suddenly stands up and has apparently gone up too quickly and the next moment sees her losing balance slightly that I have to support her and she says in the tiniest voice for someone that big, “thank you for catching my ass.” It is then I realize that I caught her by her right ass cheek and I’m holding on to it as if my life depends on it. I just smile when I realize this but she squints and I’m sure of what is coming next…

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