My Nigeria, your Nigeria

My Nigeria, your Nigeria

These are trying times in our nation. We have as a people have gotten it all wrong. Our ideologies, our values, our everything. How did we arrive at this present situation where the dollar is about to hit 400 naira on the parallel market? And what do we intend to do? Sit down and apportion blames? Or get off our ass and find a lasting solution to this problem before it gets out of hand. Talking won’t do it because we as a people are not short of ideas about the problems that beleaguer us.

All that comes to mind is the song by musical legend “Lagbaja”; 200 million mumus. For that aptly describes us. For we are the architect of our own misfortune. A people who celebrate mediocrity and hail their destroyer as their “Savior”. A people so artificial and shallow in thinking, who regard sensationalism as the gospel truth. I myself am guilty of this and will not attempt to absolve myself of blame. I have sat and watched and convinced myself that what goes around has nothing to do with me as long as I feel sheltered in my cocoon. Trust me when I say all I did was to create a quasi-hell for myself and now I have to live with my mistake.

Traitors all

With a tired grimace spread on my face, I read the news of 500 APC members defect to PDP. I sighed and decided to seek the opinion of people on social media and I was shocked with reactions. Some congratulated them for seeing the light while some cursed them. Some came to look for their missing phone charger while some were only interested in registering their presence. What a shame. Indeed “There was a Country!”. Defectors they call themselves, I call them traitors. Feckless fellas, no spine, despicable, shameless, that is what they really are. These charlatans lack ideology, conviction and principle. All they are interested in is what they can get in monetary terms from their betrayal. Its time we stopped celebrating them and call them what they really are: Traitors all


The days of Dele Giwa, Ray Ekpu etc saw journalism at its peak in Nigeria. Professionals they all were, men who had honour, who stood for the truth, and lived by the truth. What we have today however is a shame. Seeing major news outlets spurn out news that they later have to retract is sad. We no longer know what to believe, but one thing we are certain of is the usual Screaming Headlines that hold neither water nor truth. As if that were not enough, aside few media outlets, investigative journalism has taken a back seat, and junk journalism rules.

General Muhammadu Buhari

I never was a fan of APC, but I have come to accept the fact that GMB is president and my leader. I pray that he succeeds in this mammoth task of leading the country in this difficult times. I have a few things I would like to tell the president however.

Dear Sir, you are faced with an enormous task, but do not be discouraged. Your people look up to you for guidance and for the way forward. They look to you with hope (though fast dying). They look up to you and hope that their cries and struggles are not in vain, for their dreams are your dreams and their suffering are yours as well. Hearken to their voices, hold them close and let them see that while you are no Christ or Prophet Mohammed, you are still a beacon of hope, a symbol of the change we truly seek! The path to greatness is strewn with pitfalls and danger, however with strength in our diversity, belief in ourselves, and love for the soul of the nation, we shall surmount and restore pride in ourselves, our race and a future assured for generations to come!!!

On a closing note, Senator Ben Murray Bruce has charted a path to greatness that if tolled will yield that which we seek. The #BuyNaijaToGrowThe Naira is a commendable campaign and if we buy naija, we are saving not just the naira, but the country and the future. What we make of the situation we find ourselves in now will determine our history as a people. Do we set the course of history right and make Nigeria the giant of Africa and a world power? Do we let posterity judge us as being heroes? or as a foolish people who destroyed their country with their own hands?

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