Wait a minute!

Am I telling you to refuse a job opportunity in this recession? Yes, I am, with conditions attached.

Is the N-Power job one of the best things this government has put forward? Only time will tell.

Am I a member of the opposition who badmouths everything done by the change government? No, I am not. My job does not allow partisanship.

I am a young Nigerian experienced enough to show concern and advise people about accepting government jobs.  You might be one of the many young unemployed Nigerians who will probably take any job especially a federal government opportunity. However, think it through very well.

Do not join the N-Power program …

If It Does Not Align With Your Dreams and Aspirations

We are young people who have dreams and hope to achieve them within the confines of Nigeria and her challenges. However, after many failed job interviews, we drop to the level of taking any opportunity we can grab (like contract jobs with some terrible Asian companies in Nigeria).

Many have been there, many are still there and more will join the train.

Yet, these dreams and aspirations do not go away; they always return after you get the job and earn money.  This is when desperation sets in, and you wish you never took the job. If N-Power program will destabilize your personal goals, please think well before making a decision.

If You Believe N-Power is an Opportunity to Earn Easy Money

You might be thinking this is an opportunity to eat out of the national cake, that you can be lazy and unpatriotic like most civil servants and earn your pay. This is Nigeria; I do not doubt the possibility.

However, this is also the 21st century; free salary is becoming less popular in government service.  If you think the ‘na government job, I fit do anyhow’ attitude will work, you might be in for a shock. N-Power might be an opportunity to work more for less pay.

Do you remember those lazy teachers that make you teach their classes during your service year? It might happen again. This is why some people think N-Power is an extension of the NYSC.

If The Location Is Not Economically Viable

Do you run a business in a thriving city like Lagos, Ibadan or Enugu? What are your plans for your business if you join N-Power? What if N-Power takes you to places like Lokoja , Gusau or Bakassi where you cannot continue your business or do a side hustle?  Think before you accept the job.

Every part of Nigeria has its own opportunities; some just don’t offer widespread economic ones. Some places in Nigeria, even state capitals, are just towns where civil servants thrive and political appointees, directors and permanent secretaries are big men chasing skirts.

If You Think It Must Translate To a Full Time Government Job

I do not wish to be an agent of doom, but N-Power jobs will hardly translate to full time Federal Civil Service job. Government organizations are overstaffed and cost the government a lot of money in salaries and allowances. There is a stronger chance of becoming unemployed again with two years relevant or irrelevant experience than getting a government job.

N-Power is a fulfillment of the political promise to give jobs to youths. The change slogan must continue to rent the air. Just like the different ‘YES’ programs of the states, many unemployed graduates are brought in for a set period, phased out and new ones take their place.

The N- Power program does not suit every unemployed person. Young Nigerians should not let desperation determine their choices. Government offers do not always mean you have inherited a gold mine. Think well!

However, if you decide to take the job, please be patriotic, and offer your best to the country.

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