We the Akokos do not vote based on sentiment, ethnicity, or party affiliation. We are civilized people and we believe in reality than political ‘cacophonous manipulation’, we believe in individual pedigree and capacity, more than anything else, we are matured enough to know, appreciate and realize to surrender when the mother nature conspired with other influences to work against us.

Even if Dr. Agunloye should win all the votes coming from Akokoland 100%, would that make him the Governor of the State?

We know when to return to our trenches to re-plan from the drawing board, we shall come up stronger and better, conceding defeat is not cowardice, it is indeed an attribute of mental alertness.
For how long did things work wrong for the Yoruba nation within Nigeria State? But when it was our turn, the north, east and south south conspiracy though stopped MKO, but the mother nature threw the Ebora Owu, ekun oko Abacha, OBJ at us.


Nobody knows tomorrow, when some of the Akoko self styled leaders were going about the market places wearing PDP’s cap  over AD crested vest we warned them, now how do you expect Akoko people to trust such people? When they were jumping like a crazy b**ch dancing azonto from one political party to another, eating with with devil using very short spoon, we were watching with heavy hearts.

To whom much is given, much is naturally expected from them… how do you expected Akoko people to respect their children who did virtually nothing when they were in position of authority?     Our roads in Akoko land have been our source of concern for years; from Irun to Ese, Afin, Oyin, Arigidi, Akunnu, Ikaram, Ugbe, Iboropa, Ikun. Even the roads that link us to the outside world are bad, our children in the National Assembly, Federal Government and State government did nothing about them.

Please don’t insult our sensibility and collective understanding in Akoko land by saying the Owo Akoko road is a Federal Road. Yes the road is a Federal road, but the State government repaired the Ogbese portion of the Akure Owo road when it was bad; they built speed breakers on the roads and. So the road is no more a federal road now that the State government has mobilize to temporarily fix the failed portion of the road?

Is the Ondo State government not repairing Federal roads in Ondo, Akure, Owo and other part of the State?

Abeg! He who sell his people for a million naira will not buy them back with a hundred billion dollars.


By Akeredolu Segun

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