One avoidable death too many for our nation
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One avoidable death too many for our nation

It is one avoidable death too many for our nation. Every day we keep hearing about the deaths of people, deaths which could have been avoided. We certainly do not value human life in this part of the world, most especially in Nigeria.

Our initial reactions, our need to blame the dead, our need to find a justifiable reason for death is appalling. Yesterday, we lost Ms Linda Nkechi Igwetu after she was shot dead by a policeman, a few days before that, we lost some policemen, last week was the Otedola bridge fuel tanker fire. Every day brings its gory tale of deaths, all a sign of a collapsed security infrastructure, negligence and a culture of rationalizing even the craziest of all things.

As the families mourn, we have to put things into perspective. We have to get things right, we have to put in place measures to safeguard lives and we have to place premium on the lives of every citizen of this country.

Being a Nigerian should not be a death sentence. Being a Nigerian should not be a toga of shame.

It’s unfortunate how it is the case where we do not have well equipped hospitals for the citizenry, but our country can afford to fly out the son of the president and the president himself in relation to health matters.

It is more unfortunate how we shout and then forget as we are not the affected party. We grow tired and yearn for the next big distraction. We turn everything into jokes, and in the process, we inadvertently kill ourselves. We kill the humanity in us, and we expect that we would thrive as a nation. How can we when the very thing that makes us human is destroyed?

Please forgive this rambling, but it really is tiring when you look at the loss of one more soul that could have been the cure for cancer, been the next Da Vinci or Steve Jobs.

This is why the #EndSars and #ReformPoliceNG campaign must not be taken lightly. This is why for posterity’s sake, the campaigns must be a success. This is why we must make government and governance work for us.

We must ensure that the narrative doesn’t change. We must see to it that we hold our present leaders accountable. They cannot just withdraw a billion dollars of taxpayers’ money for security purposes, and turn around to commit our security into the hands of God. We cannot allow them to try to numb our senses by telling us it is better to be alive than to lose ancestral attachments.

We cannot allow ourselves to be prisoners due to a systemic attempt by people who derive their powers from us to enslave us. The labors of our heroes past must indeed not go to waste, and we must ensure we bequeath to our children a Nigeria worth having.

To those we have lost, rest on in perfect peace

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