Oritsefemi Shades Quilox Boss Shina Peller

Oritsefemi Shades Quilox Boss Shina Peller

The Oritsefemi Quilox Night club saga seems to still be in play as singer Oritsefemi has decided to throw a nasty shade at Quilox Night club owner Shina Peller. The incident has been reported in different versions but the fact remains that Oritsefemi was slapped to the floor so to speak. The singer was said to have arrived late without reserving a VIP space and insisted that he would sit at the VIP. A gentleman already seated at the VIP decided to allow him but Oritsefemi became rude and started inviting people in to join him. The bouncer stopped him and he slapped the bouncer. His assistant decided that this was not enough and stabbed the bouncer too. Other bouncers took it upon themselves to deal with him. 

Oritsefemi has since taken to Instagram to post a picture of himself on his hospital bed. 

Fans have called him weak for fainting from just one slap but he has decided that he will clap Shina Peller instead. Although Shina has not said anything about the incident and I don’t think he will but Oritsefemi took to Twitter to say that the only legitimate Shina he knows is Sir Shina Peters. 

Well, bouncer slap can pain true true but bros, na u go do mmttchhheeeww for Mofol now.

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