Oshosi the Orisha of the hunt
Photo Credit To Jaafir

Oshosi the Orisha of the hunt

The hunt is not what it used to be, I used to be celebrated for great kills such as the mammoth, saber-toothed tiger and the likes and now what do I have to show for going for a hunt?
Lions, tigers, cheetahs, these are not games, these are child’s play. They were preys of the animals I hunted for sport, and even man can go into the bush and kill a lion nowadays, how then do I distinguish myself from such minor beings?
Why then would they fear and cower before me the Orisha of the forest and one of the three warrior orishas referred to as the “Ebora” in the Yoruba religion, “emi Oshosi”.
Now I am identified with the likes of Saint Sebastian in the Rio de Janeiro area of Brazil, most often shown in representations tied and shot full of arrows, which led to his association with the hunter orisha.

I do the shooting of arrows, while my prey runs around scared like the early men when they encountered dinosaurs.
Talking about man, I have never seen a specie that breeds more than rats than human beings, they just keep multiplying like that’s the only thing they are good at.

Oshosi the Orisha of the hunt
Well that’s the only thing they are good at, since they have forgotten the hunt.
Now they talk about conserving the wild, how did they get here in the first place if not for their stupidity. Burning bushes, reducing forests to farm lands, rearing animals hindering them from evolving, why Obatala took the time to make them I wonder.
And what ticks me off the most is this dumb channel on DSTV called NAT GEO WILD, who is Nat? And what does he knows about the wild?
Man has so lost his way, he used to be one with nature, I used to join the bravest of them in the hunt but now it’s just me in my domain where I never believed I would refer to as cozy and them in their forest of civilization

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