Safety at your work place

Safety at your work place

Like the saying goes “safety is a cheap and effective insurance policy”.

Safety precautions should be well put in place in workplace to avoid casualty and loss of life. This precaution will help the organization not to waste money to treat employee with one injury or the other or even buy any equipment that has been burnt due to lack of safety measures.

Therefore, in the real sense of it “safety is a cheap and effective insurance policy”

Below are the tips on safety precautions

Safety at your work place

  1. Regular leave should be taken

Health is actually wealth. An employee that is not feeling too well may end up doing things wrongly,those things may be costly mistakes which can be avoided at the first instance. Therefore in other not to end up spending too much than needed. Ensure every staff goes on leave or go for treatment when he or she is sick. This is more applicable to people that works in a construction,oil and gas,manufacturing company. This leave will even enable them to be more productive.

  1. Effective communication

The organization should always inform the employees about areas or location that are danger zone.They should inform them about the result of such places. They should also post signs at the location of such places within the organization. When they are well informed they will try as much as possible to not fall victim of any such accident.

Employee should also inform the management immediately about any equipment that are not working well or any leakage noticed

  1. Machines and any other equipment should be used properly

Any employee that works with Machinery tools, should ensure it is properly used. Accident issues in some cases re caused as a result of no proper usage. Also they should not use shortcutto carry out any activity,because it is such things that results into accident in a place. In addition,they should not a tool meant for one specific work for something else that is not related.

The management should also inform them properly on the usage of the different tools in order to ensure safety measures are properly put in place.

  1. Environment should well cleaned to prevent falls, trips and slips

Make sure the floor in different offices and area are dried up after mobbing. Keep all highways and aisles clear of all items, clear and report any leakage or spill you noticed. Replace all damaged equipment in the office. Mats and also things that enable to reduce spill or makes to absorb any water should be put in place.

  1. Lifting up of any equipment should be properly done

For those working in an organization that are involved in lifting things.This activity should be properly down by making sure you’re your posture is in the right order when bending down to lift things.Don’t bend at the waist and lift the box up with your back. Keep your upper body straight and parallel with your lower legs. Grab the item and push up with your legs, not with your back.Don’t jerk your body around when lifting. You may feel fine after doing this once, but repeated happenings can easily lead to injury even among healthy and safety conscious workers.

In conclusion have a fire plan in case there is need for such need or move. Always have a fire extinguisher within the premises.

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Temitope Ikusika

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