See our hypocrisy staring us hard in the face and yet we fail to see it. Why would I say that some of you might ask, well I say it because that is the sad truth about us Nigerians. I will explain by a few examples below.

Let me start with the US elections. A lot of us stayed awake overnight to get the results of the US elections hoping that Hilary Clinton would win.  We even had pastors making prophesies about how God revealed to them the outcome of the elections. With Trump declared winner, most of us started complaining. While some of us turned it all into a huge joke.


The hypocrisy here however is how we have taken panadol for the headache of Americans. We fail to face our issues within the country and become a world power, yet we are lamenting over the decisions of citizens of a truly free and developed country. Also some of us have taken to defending the prophets who made a wrong prophesy. Now why would we do that?

We failed to take away the good things about an election devoid of stomach infrastructure, devoid of votes being sold, of an election where all the processes run smoothly and where there are no under aged voters. Rather than ask questions of our leaders and ensure we get answers, we prefer to spend time on Instagram following the likes of Davido, Bobrisky etc, when we could follow Budgit and know more about governance. Rather than ask our senators why there is a sharia law bill being examined by the Senate, we are cool with watching Arole entertain us. Rather than question why a VAT on data, calls and SMS is being introduced, we are busy corporately begging celebrities for money.

Indeed it is a shame how our hypocrisy is staring us hard in the face and we prefer to occupy ourselves with calling out the speck in our neighbors eyes. For your information the US is approximately 10,642 KM, and we the youths have so busied ourselves with their affairs leaving our own affairs to ruins.

Another example is from a video I watched on Facebook  of Patrick Lumumba during a seminar titled The role of the legislature in the fight against corruption in Nigeria, organized by the anti-corruption committees of the Senate and House of Representatives in Abuja. The seminar is a laudable step towards understanding and fighting corruption in Nigeria and Africa at large, however, the organizers are progenitors of corruption. If you have not seen the video then you have to. The facial expressions of dignitaries who graced the occasion said all you need to know about the two faced fight against corruption in Nigeria. Indeed the priceless look on the face of Mr Vice President says it all.

Now to the youths who themselves are the future of the country, you need to look no further than yourselves to see how your hypocrisy will eventually ruin this nation if care is not taken. A visit to nairaland will tell you all you need to know about the psyche of Nigerian youths.  I want to believe in this conspiracy theory that the reason of our education sector in Nigeria being  in shambles is because the rich and the ruling class want us to either be brain dead or basically not to know our rights and not to realize the potential of a united front against their control of power.



This is why graduates are divided on ethnic grounds, religious beliefs and sentiments. This is why instead of logical discourse, graduates and youths engage in name calling, insults and tribal standings. Worrisome is the fact that this present generation knows not their history but know all the lyrics to Wizkid’s latest hit.


Am not a pessimist, but I believe that we as a people, a country have misplaced priorities and this is why the country might not get any better. At-least not until we face up to our hypocrisy and rid ourselves of the garment of filth the enemy has decided to adorn us with. And the enemy is we, the enemy is our hypocrisy which sees us criticize embezzlers of our commonwealth in secret and hail them in public to receive crumbs that fall off their tables. The enemy is the shameless men and women; youths included who go off to protest against perceived witch hunting of people who have fed fat off our national cake.


The enemy is us who fail to see our hypocrisy staring us hard in the face.


[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]GUY FAWKES

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All Cowardice Must Here Be Dead[/author_info] [/author]

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