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My name is Mr. Dash and this is my diary. I told you last week that I will be giving you stories of what happens in my life every week. At least one story of what between me and a lady. So basically, I’ll be giving you gist about my sexcapades, rompcapades and romancecapapdes.

I started the story of Sope and I two weeks ago. Well, let me just keep going.

I am still holding on to Sope’s a** like my life depends on it and she is looking at me. I just smile when I realize this but she squints and I’m sure of what is coming next. I was going to get slapped. I close my eyes in readiness for the slap but all I get is two soft lips landing on my cheek. I smile like a fool and I tell her, “let me take you home.” She purrs softly in my ears as she replies drunkenly, “yes baby, take me home.” And then she bites my ear playfully and nibbles on it for a second.

I pull her hand and start to stylishly drag her along. She follows me like a pup and she keeps laughing at everything and resting her big b**bs on my back. As I pull her along, I realize I have been hard for minutes now and if I could, I would take her right there but hey, that’s just the a**hole part of me talking.

I succeed in pulling her to the road and wait with her while I look out for a bike-man. She is still resting on me and starts to really toy with me. Boy oh boy! This beau is drunk.

I change my mind and decide to hail a cab for us. I sort of push her in the back seat and I get in with her. She leans on me almost immediately and starts to fondle and almost the front of my trousers. Thank God I had on a jean trouser because at the rate she was going, maybe my balls would have been crushed.

I was just grinning and trying to hold her hand to stop her from destroying my tool. I realized I had to give her something so I held her neck and just started to kiss her. She was responding with her very wet kisses. My, my, my, this babe is drunk.

I went for her b**bs and she moaned softly as she removed her lips from mine and started to nibble and s*ck my ear lobe. Oh, shi*! Feels good. I noticed that the cabbie was looking into his mirror and also stealing glances at us, so I stopped Sope. “Babe, hold on! Let’s get to your house.” She replies, “Oh no! Come on, don’t be a spoilsport.” I try again, “We’ll soon get to your house, right?” She exclaims “Oh, my God, we’re almost there!”


I am still wondering why she exclaimed when I noticed that she is sitting upright and is frantically trying to cover her b**bs and make like nothing happened. I want to ask her what is going on but I decide to keep quiet and say nothing. About a minute later, she stops the cab man at a junction and she smiles at me as she opens the door and immediately shuts it when the inner light comes on. I look on in amazement as I see a guy come out of the shadows after she has walked a few steps and they hug briefly with the guy grabbing her a** cheeks and squeezing them. She tries to wriggle her body out of his hold and they move on. I try to hear their conversation but I could not get anything, so I just figured, “another day, another time.” I am very confused by everything that happened but I keep it cool.

I turn to the cab-man and I say in vernacular, “E je ka pada sI ibi ti a ti n bo.” However, in my mind, I say, “Sope, I am gonna f**k you! And I am gonna f**k you so hard that you will not want anyone else for a long time to come.” And then I smile.




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