STATE OF CONFUSION: Mosque got bricked up in Germany

STATE OF CONFUSION: Mosque got bricked up in Germany

Mosque Bricked up in Germany
Mosque Bricked up in Germany


Muslims living in a small Town in Northern Germany got a shock not quite long when they found the entrance to their Mosque bricked up when going to the mosque preventing them from entering into the mosque for prayer.

According to police investigation, the incident,  was suspected to be the work of a far-Right group, which has left the Parchim’s tiny Muslim community to be in a state of confusion . The bricked up Mosque has made the muslims to have their prayers in a transformer station causing  most of the people to withdraw from the prayer gathering.

The town’s Muslim community includes both new arrivals who came with the influx of asylum-seekers last year, and families who have lived in the town of 20 years. It is made up mostly of Syrians and Turkish Kurds.

Parchim lies in the state of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, which has a history of far-Right activisim.

The state is due to hold regional elections at the weekend, with the far-Right Alternative for Germany neck-and-neck with Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats (CDU) in the polls.

The breeze blocks were removed from the mosque entrance within a few hours. Over the weekend some one put up a new flyer in answer to the ones left by those who had blocked the door. “Walls are there to be torn down.”

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