Thai man buys and destroy at least 15 Iphones and Shop for being insulted

Thai man buys and destroy at least 15 Iphones and Shop for being insulted

A man in Thailand has become an internet sensation after a video of him buying and destroying over 15 i-phones including the store emerged on youtube.
This funny and intense scenario played out when a young man walked into an Iphone store in Thailand, with the intension of purchasing one. While he spoke with the attendant, making enquires about his device of interest the Iphone, probably not appearing to the attendant as someone really serious about buying the Iphone. The attendant seeing him as a shopaholic not interested in the phone but wanting to waste her time lost it and asked him if he could actually purchase the phone.

This time it was the young man who lost it feeling insulted by the attendant’s question, he got angry purchased the phone and smashes it right in front of the attendant and walks out of the store. One would think that would be the end of this strange event, but am pretty sure this young man found it hard to sleep over night and was clearly not sated by buying and destroying an Iphone 7 so as to make a point only he would understand.

The following day, he takes a trip back to the dealers shop and the attendant recognizing him from the previous day calls out her boss and to their surprise (and mine), he pays for all the Iphone 7’s in the store in cash, brings out a hammer and starts smashing every single one of it after switching it on to be sure its functioning properly. Still not satisfied, he pays the owner of the store for all that’s inside it and starts smashing everything in sight.

Now am pretty sure this young man is angry about something I just don’t think it’s the question the attendant asked him

Watch video here

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