The Demise of EVERYTHING GOOD in Nigerian Music Industry
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The Demise of EVERYTHING GOOD in Nigerian Music Industry

The Nigerian Music industry is one of the best and most trending in the world of entertainment at the moment.

The industry has a large fan base all over the world and even our artistes seem to be the ones with most international collaborations at the moment.

These days, it is starting to look like our artistes are needed by all other artiste in the world, especially knowing that we have the ready market in Nigeria.

However, the speed with which the industry is growing is the same speed it is using to decay. It now looks like when you have a 9 year old kid who weighs about 90kg already but is so dull in the head that it makes you insane.

Maybe because of the vastness of the industry, it has now become filled with buffoons and dullards and all sorts of Tom, Dick and Harry.

It is not like I am against singing about prosperity but at least, make sense and say something meaningful not, “because I’m rich, all your girlfriends want to f**k me, in my Camry, ooooohhh yeeee, oooooohhh yeeee, oooooohhh yeeee.” I mean, what kind of lyrics are those?

The Demise of EVERYTHING GOOD in Nigerian Music Industry

It has now become so bad that even the vast populace, especially the females who are being constantly insulted and talked about like trash in all these songs enjoy them even more than men and I wonder what is happening exactly.

When a song is supposed to teach good principles and morals like it used to, it now teaches people how to smoke, drink, party, take drugs, go naked and just mess up entirely and people love it.

The guy who owns the song is fully dressed in trousers, shirts, shoes, jackets, chains, caps and even socks and boxer shorts, we can see that because he is sagging his trousers and yet folding the helms. And yet the vixens he uses will be almost unclad and in recent times, sometimes just plain naked.

It makes one wonder what the next generation will meet and if the next generation will even know the meaning of decency, morals and discipline.

I just wonder.


Photo Credit: The Nation

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