The ones who sacrifice the most

The ones who sacrifice the most

Today, I woke up with a sense of patriotism, and by the end of the day, I congratulated myself for being a model citizen of this country. I stopped short however when I remembered a set of individuals who everyday make more sacrifice that I never will for my country. A lot of people might say they are paid for these sacrifices, but I beg to differ. No amount of money can pay for the knowledge that as I go about my duties and make sacrifices, I might never come back home, that I might never see my loved ones again, that I might lose a limb or an arm or worse still have mental problems all in the name of carrying out my duty- to defend the sovereignty of my country and keep its citizens safe from external and internal aggressors.

Today might not be Armed Forces Remembrance Day, but the men and women who risk their lives at all times so that you and I can sleep safe at night deserve a mention at all times. God bless the Armed Forces of all countries especially Nigeria.

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