The Subtle Outcome of the Trump-Kim Summit
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The Subtle Outcome of the Trump-Kim Summit


The long anticipated meeting between US president, Donald Trump and North Korea’s supreme leader, Kim Jong Un in Singapore has come and has gone. It was characterized by a chiefly hazy announcement of principles, a couple of photos, and lastly, a major revelation : Trump’s revelation that he would halt the United States’ armed exercises with South Korea as a sign of favor to the North Koreans, a decision that the government of South Korea knew nothing about before it was carried out.

Hence, at the moment it’s time to take a close look at the important questions as regards the summit in Singapore. Come to think of it, what actually transpired between Trump and Kim Jong Un? Did the United States Government and North Korean Government both achieve their aims of attending this summit? And will the world become a better place as a result of this important meeting or will things get worse for the Americans and North Koreans?

To attempt to provide answers to these important questions, we’ve put down a record of events from the summit: did the government of the United States gain or lose as a result of the meeting, what is the impact of the meeting on the South Korean government and the North Korean government. Some outcomes of the meeting are quite glaring— Kim did amazingly greatly — unfortunately, the same cannot be said about others, like North Korea’s loads of biased prisoners, who got little or nothing from this meeting as there really was no agenda for them.


Kim Jong Un Benefitted the Most from This Summit

The Subtle Outcome of the Trump-Kim Summit

Kim Jong Un is the supreme leader of North Korea, a little, greatly bankrupt country. He is a heartless tyrant who is known to deal harshly with citizens of his country. In spite of this, he successfully made Donald Trump, the head of the United States to take a long trip from the US to Singapore. As if that was not enough, the president of the United States met him, shook his hand, and brought to a standstill armed forces exercises with his best opponent — altogether without having to sacrifice anything of significant importance. This might seem very petty, it is however, a major stride by the North Korean supreme leader.

North Korea’s leaders have always desired to be considered as key players on a global platform and have always sought for the reverence that is accorded to nuclear powers.  In addition to this, they have always considered a private discussion with the head of the United States as a major avenue to achieve that goal.

Nonetheless, various US presidents — all the way from Bill Clinton to George W. Bush to Barack Obama — have avoided a one-on-one meeting with any of North Korea’s leaders (this includes Kim Jong Un and his father, Kim Jong Il) just to avoid giving the North Korean leaders the reverence and recognition that they have always craved.

“Since I came into office, the one detail I was clear about was, we’re not going to reward this benign of provocative behavior,” these were President Obama’s words in 2013 about a probable discussion with Kim. “You don’t get to bang your spoon on the table and somehow you get your way.”

Although successive US presidents decided to avoid talks with North Korea, there was a major change when Trump came on board. In as much as there are lots of reasons for this, prominent among them is Trump’s belief in his ability to properly negotiate even in the most difficult of circumstances. One other important reason why there was a change in plans was because North Korea’s nuclear and ballistic missile abilities suddenly became very pronounced up to the point that the Americans were beginning to run out of alternatives when Trump took over as president.

“Kim Jong Un is desperately looking for international recognition of North Korea as a country in good standing, of his right to rule it, and of the legitimacy of his possession of nuclear weapons,”this was made known by Jeffrey Lewis, a guru on North Korea’s nuclear code at the Middlebury Institute of international Studies.

Now, the fact that Trump praised the North Korean leader’s personality after the Singapore summit goes a long way in giving the impression that the North Korean leader greatly benefitted from the meeting.

Although Trump praising the personality of North Korea’s leader after the meeting definitely counts for a lot, it is not the only reason why the North Korean leader is regarded to have benefitted more form the summit than the United States and South Korea put together. Kim Jung Un did not sacrifice anything of real importance but benefitted immensely from the meeting. “Each of the four central points was in preceding credentials with NK, more or less in a stronger, further encircling way,” Bruce Klingner, a CIA deputy boundary chief for Korea, tweeted on Tuesday after the meeting. “The [denuclearization] bullet is weaker than the Six contributor discussion language.”


The Fate of Donald Trump

The president of the United States, Donald Trump presented himself to the American people as a rugged and skilled negotiator that had perfected the art of making amazing deals. Nevertheless, contrary to what Trump thinks about himself, he has spent a better part of his time as president making the wrong deals. Some of the deals that Donald Trump has made to turn out wrongly are the Iran nuclear deal, as well as the Paris climate accord. Now, whilst it is bad enough that Donald Trump has made quite a number of deals go awry, it is even worse that he has now made one more wrong deal in an effort to redeem his lost image as a master at negotiating deals. Although it might not be very glaring, Donald Trump decided to have a meeting with the North Korean leader to proof to the world that he is quite a dealmaker.

It was believed by a lot of people that the meeting between president Trump and Kim Jung Un would never see the light of day. There were lots of arguments that the two leaders had almost nothing in common and so even getting a chance to meet was impossible

Well, Donald Trump being able to get a successful meeting with Kim Jun Un is something that he should be given credit for.

Giving president Trump an accolade for successfully organizing a meeting between himself and the North Korean leader is something that can only be done if the outcome of the meeting is not looked into critically. When a critical analysis about the outcome of the meeting is carried out, it becomes obvious how bad the outcome of the meeting for Trump was. It can be said that the meeting for Trump did not go well. Whilst there are many reasons for this, the major reasons why this meeting did not end well for Trump are the same exact reasons that it was perfect for Kim Jung Un. President Trump on behalf of the US did North Korea a couple of favours but it is obvious that he got none in return. One of the major favours that the United States did North Korea are the cancellation of a military exercise involving the American military and the South Korean military. Although the cancellation of a South Korea-United States military exercise might not mean much to some people, it goes a long way in determining who was favored by the meeting and who lost in the meeting. Now, the United States cancelling an exercise with South Korea is not something that would have been obtained had Trump been the master negotiator that he claims he is


According to a tweet by James Acton, the co-director of the Carnegie Institute’s Nuclear Policy, “The denuclearization language in the joint statement is particularly weak,” “Diplomacy will rumble on for the time being, but I am not optimistic about the longer term”

“Summit is better than Nuclear war, but the threat of war was of Trump’s own making, Lets be cautious not to award points for mitigated lunacy” these were the words of Mira Rapp-Hooper, an expert on North Korea at Yale Law School.

So at the end of the summit involving the United States and North Korea, it can be said that Trump was able to get some points that restored his image, however, unlike Kim Jun Un, he sacrificed significantly without getting anything of importance in return.


The Fate of North Korean Citizens

The highly anticipated summit between the United States and North Korea has come and has gone. Although, it has been considered by a lot of people to be successful, this summit did not do justice to a lot of pressing issues. Some of these pressing issues are the fate of North Korean prisoners as well as the issues with starvation that are on-going in North Korea.

At the moment, there are over a 100,000 North Koreans that are being held as political prisoners by the North Korean government. This situation is perhaps the worst that citizens have gone through in their own country in world history.


Thomas Buergenthal, an Auschwitz survivor and important lawyer aided the preparation of a report about the state of the camps that some North Korean political prisoners are held. According to his reports, these camps are in worse states than the Nazi camps were.

In the face of untold hardship and poverty among its people, North Korea has put in a massive amount of resources into its nuclear programs. Although this is unknown to people from the rest of the world. According to a report by the United Nations, about 60,000 of North Korean children were at the point of starvation. In as much as this is generally regarded to be inhumane, the meeting between Trump and Kim did not address any of this.


The Negative Effect of this Meeting on the South Koreans

The effect of the cancellation of the joint training exercise between the United States and South Korean military might look very petty. However, in reality, it is a major blow to the South Korean defense. Even more grave is the fact that the South Korean government did not see it coming as it was not agreed upon. Now, whilst there is relative peace between North Korea and South Korea, the cancellation of a joint military exercise between the South Korean and American militaries is a negative sacrifice for the South Koreans as their leader is actually responsible for championing the peace talks between North Korea and the United States.



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