The Walking Dead is back and you are in for a treat

The Walking Dead is back and you are in for a treat

October 23rd was slated as the season premiere for The Walking Dead season 7 and fans awaited its return with abated fear, with focus on who was at the receiving end of Negan’s bat Lucille from the cliffhanger of last season. Of course as a fan, you just might have an inkling from the comics as to who was on the receiving end of Lucille. You just might have been saying a prayer or two that the show producers do not tow the path of the comics. I will leave you to find out for yourself what exactly happened. I will however focus on and what it means for its die-hard fans.

The Walking Dead is back and you are in for a treat. The premiere of season 7 last night for me was a thrill. Not only did I get to see my favorite characters on screen, I was confronted with the hard choices humanity has to take when faced with difficult choices and I always have a burning question on my mind after each episode, could there have been an alternative to settling disputes? As a race, can humans only get better in the future or get worse? A lot of my friends have been wary of my love for this show, probably because they fear for me, I mean who knows, I just might have a dark side to me.


To the show, last night’s premiere was for me, a mix of having a real bad day and a terrible day. Last night really got to me and I must warn you, it’s graphic. It’s pure graphic and way too real I recoiled a times. That’s how much the show got to me. And it is a credit to the producers who kept most of us spell-bound and some of us angry with where the show left off last season. Throughout the show, Rick’s group have dealt with their fair share of encounters with different groups and have come out most times unscathed and sometimes with a loss, but last night’s show, left them not just shaken, but also the audience. The grief, the anger, the shock, the resolve, the trepidation, I must say I lived through these emotions and one thing am sure about, I don’t like Negan one bit. I know that Jeffrey Dean Morgan is playing a role but men, he is just so damn good being evil that I just had this unexplained need to crush his face in. Pardon my language. So I can’t wait to see how Rick and the Alexandrians pick themselves and fight this new threat to the only semblance of the society we all are used to.

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