The world is a rotten place but we caused the rot

The world is a rotten place but we caused the rot

Every week, there is an onslaught of bad news the world over. Bad news indeed sells, but the world has never been in such disarray as now. Continents, countries and nations appear to be in a bid to show whose reserve on cruelty, violence is most. I say all these as I reflect once again on recent happenings. The world was still reeling from the events in Nice, France and the coup in Turkey when news filtered in about cop shootings in Baton Rouge, less than a fortnight after the killing of Aston Sterling by cops and retributive cop killing by Micah Johnson in Dallas. The shooting which was carried out by Gavin Long left three cops dead and I recoiled in anguish, hurt by a betrayal within and a sense of foreboding, asking myself what and why. What is happening, and why is it happening. Why is there an onslaught of killings and can there ever be an end to such incidences?

Will there ever be answers to these questions? Will we ever get beyond reasoning based on sentiments? Will we ever see each other as having same color of blood coursing through our veins? Whether black, brown, yellow, white or even green, we need to understand that the fences, the borders, the tribes, the countries, the structures that we have set up to differentiate between ourselves are naught but what we make them. We are one people the world over!!!

My heart goes out to the families of the cops slain yesterday. Do know that our hearts are with you in these difficult times. More so I condemn violence in whatever form it rears its head in any part of the world and implore people who have grievances against each other, or institutions of governments that violence never solved any issue. Let us all embrace peace and dialogue, not that such entreaties have not been made before, however, we all are guilty of sincerity and optimism. We have turned a blind eye to the very essence of life and have placed priority on what we stand to gain not what can be achieved. #Alllivesmatter, #Notoviolence

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