This is Nigeria despite its success falls short of expectation

This is Nigeria despite its success falls short of expectation

Last week, Falz the bahd guy released his cover for Childish Gambino’s This is Ameriac titled This is Nigeria. He received praise from people who were impressed with the way he was able to depict issues wrong with Nigeria. However some folks pointed out rightfully that what he released was a cover of a work of another artist. The truth is that This is Nigeria despite its success falls short of expectation.

Falz replied with a video stating he knew exactly what he did and that basically people should wake up. Let state here that Falz is a brilliant artist.

I however believe his take on This is America comes across as creatively lazy. This is my opinion however and I will tell you why I believe so.

This is America is an art piece that is relevant in just about any society the world over. Like a template you can use in any situation, it can be edited to suit that situation no matter how peculiar. The keyword here being edit. And this is where Falz would have in making his own version done great justice to the original work and maybe even made it better.

What we got however was a watered version of named This is Nigeria and an eerily similar work.  Those who have seen This is America and appreciate it for the masterpiece it is might have watched This is Nigeria and cringed.

Childish Gambino’s This is America is now a focal point of discussion
This is Nigeria bears an eerily striking resemblance to This is America

I remember watching “The Italian Job” (which is a remake of the 1969 classic) some years back and I was impressed. Then seeing the Indian version (titled Players) very much later which turned out into an eyesore for me.

Falz, the onus was on you to make your mark on this masterpiece which I believe was the reason for the backlash. You see, This is America is replete with symbols, and calls for its audience to question what they see and form their own opinion. Your take was rudimentary like someone said and like I say, eerily similar.

This however does not take away the brilliance of Falz and the fact that he is one of the few artists who uses his platform to speak against socio-economic vices and still entertain us at the same time. Most important is the fact his message is resonating round the nation at the moment and that is all that really matters.

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