Those who defy the people’s will
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Those who defy the people’s will

Many of those who defy the people’s will in this country are those who control the laws. They gain from the chaotic reality rather than order.

They are those in high places who hold on to power though it’s legitimacy is from the very people they oppress.

Those who defy the people’s will are the people themselves, divided on religious and ethnic lines. They have no sense of togetherness, no identity with the nation.

Upsetting as it might seem, the people themselves are a joke. What else would you call a people more interested in a show that basically adds no value to their lives? Or a people who are skittish, preferring spectacle, a scandal, a distraction every other day to distract them from the obvious rape they experience from their leaders.


Are Nigerians a joke?

Well obviously, no pun intended. This is because it seems like we as a people are wired to accept whatever is dished down to us from our so called leaders. Every living Nigerian has failed the coming generation.

This is because we sell our votes to the highest bidder (a congo of rice and 500 naira), we hail thieves (people who have embezzled funds meant to provide a better standard of living for us), those who have what it takes to lead and set the country on the right path either leave the country or they don’t vie for political office or once they get elected, they join the circus, and of course the recent malaise; turning everything into a joke on social media (a platform that could be used to turn this country around).

Those who defy the people's will

Are leaders a joke?

Yes they are. They ain’t worth being called leaders as they are not only bereft of ideas; they also love the chaos as they prosper in it. Their children’s “future” are secured and the citizens can go f…. themselves.

You know when you think about it very well, you realize these so called leaders are daft. All it would take for their pack of card, their Utopia, to come crashing down is a wakeup call by the masses. Hopefully that call won’t be too long.

Those who defy the people's will

So who are those who would defy the people’s will?

The government- the executive, legislative and judicial arm of government. The cabals, the decision makers, the opinion shapers etc are those who defy the people’s will.

The executive arm of government has been churning out policies that have had no impact on the people. What we have seen has been a recession, with job losses, attendant hike in food prices etc.

Since independence, the people have been through hell at the hands of their leaders, and even now, there was a promise of change, which has now turned bitter because nothing really changed except of course power which changed from a bereft government to another.

The legislative arm of government is also defying the people’s will. The House of Assembly has refused to disclose its budget and has not passed a single law that favors the people.

Worse still is the fact that they have refused to amend the constitution because of what they will benefit. The legislators have chosen to oppose the will of the people by engaging in a senseless dance of shame where they become investigator, judge and jury over supposed “erring members” like Jubrin and Ndume.

The Judiciary that prides itself on being the last hope for the people defies the people’s will, selling judgment as they deem fit to the highest bidder. They pervert justice; they empower graft, and injustice to make some more naira.

Then the people themselves defy their own will. Come 2019, some of us would still sell our votes and our conscience, while others will be used to terrorize the people. Those who truly have the interest of the nation will sit indoors and analyze leaving it in the hands of those intent on destroying the people, their will and the future.

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