Thursday 28th June was a dark day in our history

Thursday 28th June was a dark day in our history

Thursday 28th June 2018 will go down as one of the darkest days in the history of Nigeria. Events of that day will be spoken about with trepidation and sullen looks. With a heavy heart, we heard of the deaths at bodija market. Then the tanker that exploded on Otedola bridge, Lagos, sending to untimely deaths Nigerians, all struggling to survive.

As though these were not enough, we had the worst news ever. Femi Adeshina, special adviser to Mr. President had released a press statement albeit earlier before the incidences, to counter the opposition PDP. He had juxtaposed deaths from avoidable violence during his principal’s tenure to that of the PDP.

I once mentioned that the present administration of President Buhari has officials who do not think about their actions before it is carried out. This is a prime example and I must say that Mr. Adeshina will go down the annals of history as the man who justified deaths of Nigerians to score a political point.

In his statement, he tried to exonerate his action by asking that it not be misconstrued. Funny how whilst conjuring his statement, he perceived it could be taken the wrong way himself, yet decided to tow that path.

His press release however was callous and if ever there is anything like posterity, then I would expect that it judges Mr Adeshina for his role thus far.

It must be stated thus that the present crop of federal government officials are well aware of their actions and the perception that the public might allude to it, and yet are not bothered.

So far, there actions have shown a complete disregard for the people and an adamant belief that their way is better. They have come across as vindictive and incapable of good judgment. The impunity that has stemmed from them has trickled down to the lower echelons where you would expect service but now you are confronted with dictatorship.

Are we to then accept the cruel hand that fate dealt us under PDP under the APC, when APC was voted in to change all these?

I veer too much as I engage in verbose which are justified and vivified.

The tragedies that we have faced in the past couple of days as a nation should serve to bring us together. In doing so, we should as a people learn to hold people accountable. The government, government officials, private companies etc. should all be held accountable.

For every life lost to negligence or dereliction of duty. They must be held to account. Praying to God and leaving it at that won’t serve no purpose.  We need to ensure that things work and are done the right way. God will not come from Heaven to make Nigeria a better place, we owe that much to ourselves to make it work.

May the souls of the dearly departed rest in perfect peace.

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