What is the value of a life of a Nigerian?

What is the value of a life of a Nigerian?

What is the value of a life of a Nigerian? Is it worth a cow? Worth grass or what exactly? These questions and more have been plaguing me for a couple of days now. Every time I try to write about it, I just couldn’t muster the strength. I am at breaking point.

I struggle in this present age and time to fathom how we have arrived at this point. We have zero empathy and a serious dysfunctional problem. We are no less than animals if we continually tow this path. A path of destruction.

Reactions so far has only been that; reactions. This situation where wanton killings continue and no repercussions, no justice meted out. And worse is no heads rolling for gross incompetence is an indictment of the federal government.

Social Media

While we mourn the lives lost at Plateau, I want to touch a very important aspect of our daily lives. Social media. It has kept us in the know about what is going on, made news travel fast and exposed a lot. We however have a lot of people misusing it.

The grave danger inherent in posting a narrative online albeit unsubstantiated might just be the nail on the coffin for our fragile peace. I was unfortunate to come across a video said to have been shot in Plateau of people being murdered. Various people came forward to rubbish the claim and pointed out it was shot in Kogi.

The potential for mass hysteria cannot be understated should we continually engage in posting such information. We should be mindful of what we post and the message it sends across.


We are a fickle people. Looking for the next drama, next headline and moving on. The killings going on has only increased, despite our initial shocks. We busy ourselves with the world cup, the savage replies on twitter, celebrity lives and scandals, all insulated from the pains of the victims who have forever lost their loved ones.

The incompetence of Government

The primary duty of a government is security. Security of the lives of its citizens. In this regard, Buhari’s government has failed and woefully as well. Aside the lives lost to Boko Haram, over 4,000 lives have been lost to Fulani herdsmen and retaliatory attacks, SARS etc.

What is the value of a life of a Nigerian?

All avoidable deaths, but our President would rather that we join him in prayers to solve our security challenges.

If prayer is the way, what then is the essence of the office of Mr President? Why do we pay taxes? To only deploy prayers against armed mindless terrorists? Why then are billions budgeted for the security forces?

The worst part is how the security forces are derelict in their duties and yet no one has been held accountable. Are we saying we endorse incompetence? Same incompetence causing loss of lives and properties?

I ask again, what is the value of the life of a Nigerian? Is it worth a cow?

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