Who will move the motion to impeach Buhari?

Who will move the motion to impeach Buhari?

Who will bell the cat is apt in this instance after the joint session held by the Senate and House of Assembly members yesterday. In their resolution was a thinly concealed threat to impeach President Buhari if the terms of their resolution was not met.


Who will move the motion to impeach Buhari?

This has sparked a lot of conversation since yesterday between political analysts and the general public. It came as a shock though when opposition came from within the ranks of the legislature themselves. Some members have distanced themselves from this move and in doing so have cast aspersions over the true intent of the legislature. So who will move the motion to impeach Buhari?

Should the National Assembly go ahead with their threat to start impeachment process against Mr President, we will be treated to an event the likes never seen before in the country. And I will say this might not bode well for our democracy. Already there have been widespread fear about the use of security forces, the police in particular to subdue opposition and in case the National Assembly institutes impeachment process, we would be looking at full scale war declared on the legislature by the Executive arm of government.

Who will move the motion to impeach Buhari?

It is pertinent to point out that no president has ever been impeached by the National Assembly and some view this as just a threat to get President Buhari to dance to their tune. It is unfortunate that whilst the resolution was made to look like it had the interests of citizens, it was really the National Assembly leaders trying to save their own hides from a perceived witch hunt.

What is sad for most observers is the state of our union. Never have we been more divided and polarized along political and religious lines. And the end is not in sight just yet, as this confrontation between both arms of government does not have the interest of the masses at heart.  With the threat of impeachment hanging now, who will move the motion to impeach Buhari?

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