Will Tuface be singing “E be like say” at the planned February 5th protest?  if he will be, please let us remind him that no be say “e be like say” “but e done be”.

This is because the politicians have told us wetin we never hear before and they have many times asked that we put the whole of our trust in them and yet so many times they have betrayed and played us for a fool, with their galala new dance old steps intertwined with a new fusion of sound track.

The politicians have flipped their middle finger at us and told us to go fuck ourselves, because they believe they are doing us a favor. I mean all we have to do is look at the many failings of the present government. We will get to that in a bit.

I would like first to attend to the issue of naysayers who have come out hell bent on ensuring this planned protest does not take place. Since this announcement, we have seen accusations from some quarters that Tuface is being sponsored by a former governor, and also a presidential aspirant.

Lending their voice to this is a certain professor, and former band member and friend blackface. Let me quote Dante first here ‘The hottest places in Hell are reserved for those who, in a time of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.’”

What is worse than neutrality is those who throw the first stone acting as though they are saints. Blackface has faced accusations of jealousy with his “illiterate” posts. I doubt he will anytime soon contribute to public discourse except of course he is shameless.

To the professor, I must say that taking into account the process it took for him to become a professor; he certainly doesn’t act like one and is unbefitting to be called a professor.

He slept with countless women who were consenting adults, who cares? I am certain we can get people who will testify that same professor forced them to buy handouts or had sex with him to pass.

It is easy forgetting the skeletons we have in our own cupboards when we are attempting to pull someone down. Must it take an “illiterate” to make us do that we ought to do?

So with a planned solidarity rally slated for Buhari for same day as Tuface’s protest, we really need to start asking ourselves questions about what we really want for our future and that of the unborn generation.

I personally if you ask me will tell you this solidarity rally is just to score cheap points, this is because Tuface’s protest bothers on the issue of governance and the precarious situation we find our economy in.

Meaning we careless if it were Buhari or any other person being president. This protest is a protest against all things bad happening right now and if the best move to check mate the protest is a solidarity rally for the president with emphasis on corruption, then whoever is organizing the rally needs to have his/her brain checked. This is because so far there has been no conviction except of course on the front pages of newspapers.

Worse is the president “endorsing” corrupt practices by attempting to clear the names of top ranking officials charged with corrupt practices. It is true what Senator Shehu Sani said about the perfume and deodorant, and this is just one of the reasons we must take a stand.

Must we become refugees in our own country where we cannot talk for fear of being invited by the DSS, where we are being killed by Fulani herdsmen who are then paid by witless governors not to kill us? Where is justice when we are harassed by the police, by the Discos, by marketers of fuel and gas?

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