Yemoja Mother of the Sea
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Yemoja Mother of the Sea

Ask the scientists, they know it for a fact, water brought about the evolution of man, and even the bible i.e. the oldest record of history even submits to this truth because it said “he made the earth to appear and separated the water from the waters”.

Ask any African man, water is life and it cover over 50% percent of the surface of earth and that also goes for the human anatomy.

Yemoja Mother of the Sea

Why do I lay emphasis on this?

So you would understand the importance of an Orisha such as myself and so when other orisha’s come to you and tell you how important they are and how powerful and vast their domain is, ask them the depth of my power.

No god crosses my path when am angry, they should know better than to cross a stormy sea and I mean that literarily as the seas take a reflection of my mood.

On a good day, am also calm like the beautiful scenic sea’s you see in pictures.

I appear dressed in seven skirts of blue and white and like the seven seas and profound lakes, I am deep and unknowable just like man will never know what the bottom of the oceans hold.

Maternity is also my domain, meaning I am the Mother of All as it reflects in a shortened version of my name YeyéOmoEja “Mother Whose Children are the Fish” to reflect the fact that her children are uncountable.

Yemoja Mother of the Sea

All life starts in the sea, the amniotic fluid inside the mother’s womb is a form of sea where the embryo must transform and evolve through the form of a fish before becoming a human baby.

All mothers like me are strong, caring, kind, virtuous, as well as strict and hardcore (note: all mothers are women but not all women are mothers, which is why they are the best representation a goddess could ever ask for)

Bómi ìyámi

Sómi tómi

Bomi t’òkun

Wè isé àjé mogbé jinà

Fi bun mi omodé

Fi bun mi aláàfíà

Má kò àjé je mi

Má kò enia buburú pa mi

Yemoja ìyá gbogbo

Bómi ìyámi


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