Nigeria is said to be a developing country but sometimes, one just wonders what this means and if this is true because some of our devices and amenities make people frustrated so much that people have to do the extremely impossible just to do what they have to do.

One of the very simple things that keep disappointing people from time to time are our bank ATMs. It is so bad that even when these ATMs decide to function, they dole out horrible naira notes. I have been, should I say priviledged now? to use ATMS that give off shocking electricity currents. I have also used ATMs that refuse to follow a particular prompt as if it had a mind of its own.

This young lady apparently wanted to use the ATM and instead of just using it easily, the ATM decided to withhold her card and she opted for begging the ATM to please release her card.

Well, naija go better one day. Amin.

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