Babalú-Ayé “Father, Lord of the Earth”

Babalú-Ayé “Father, Lord of the Earth”

Yes, that’s what they call me, a god amongst gods, not to flatter myself. The earth is my kingdom and so is all that grows on it.

On a good day, ask me about all the plants that grow on earth and if am in a good mood, I could give you a crash course on it that will only last like an hour in the orisha’s time, but in you puny humans life, that could take you more than half of a life time.

I do not mean to brag but immortality does have its pecks.Babalú-Ayé “Father, Lord of the Earth”

But believe me it’s worth it, all the origin of the plants and what they do, their basic components and what can be achieved through them.

Who do you think gave Akintola the vision of how the plant Akintola named after himself EWE AKINTOLA could be used? (That selfish dolt).

I was there when the very first plant grew on the mountain, naturally I cared for such fragile and breath taking life form but curse Obatala and co for calling me a softie then.

Even when I was homeless and searched for sanctuary in their palaces they rejected me but Sango took me in, in his kindness (probably saw how important I would turn out to be), well the joke is now on them because the earth itself is mine by the Authority of Eledua Himself.

I am not just limited to the earth; I also exercise control and authority on all things earthly, including the body, wealth, and physical possessions.

And naturally that makes me the most indispensable Orisha.

I bless the Farmers with abundant yield, I fatten their animals, I strike the enemies of my loyalists with famine and pestilence.

Epidemics, illness and diseases are also a specialty of mine,


Oba tin be ki bebe o to maa be

Ogbo ti kii-ti
Omini mini tin mi ile aye
Okunrin ogun…Erin lakatabu
Ogbamu gbamu oju orun oshe gbamu


Eledua blessed all the plants to cure all diseases and illness and bestowed on me the knowledge of how to use them.

I could tell you the cure for aids but am not in the mood, still hung over from the drama with the “Ebola” virus, which I showed you how to cure but the credit still went to that former Governor of Lagos state and former president of the country.

Small pox is a thing of the past all because of me. I have been whispering in the ears of man from the forgotten times. And now I am being represented as an old leper????????

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