Cheating in a relationship is all about the ego

Cheating in a relationship is all about the ego

Cheating in a relationship is all about the ego. The cheater might be the male partner or female. Regardless of who cheats, it all boils down to ego. A need to feel self importance.

It is an age old phenomenon that shows no sign of abating. Over the years, we have been regaled with stories of cheating in a marriage or a relationship and most times it occurs to us that it was all in a bid to boost the ego.

In Nigeria, it is a scourge that is threatening lots of relationships.

Why is cheating prevalent in Nigeria?

There are various reasons why it is not uncommon in Nigeria to hear that a partner is cheating in a relationship. Culture is a major factor here. During the 18th to 20th century, polygamy was widely practiced.

The number of wives and children a man had was seen as a confirmation of wealth, and free hands to help out in the farm. These men also had concubines outside their homes.

In the 20th century, polygamous homes reduced and were replaced by monogamous homes. Men were however not comfortable with just one woman. Most cheated on their wives with support from their family and the family of the wife.

And it was all about control. Having a wife at home to cook your meals and wash your clothes, bear children for you. The concubine outside was for all manners of sexual positions and a feel good factor.

What has changed?

These days, it’s not just men who cheat, women cheat as well. A close examination will indicate women cheat because of their ego.

Some cheat for revenge, some cheat for financial purposes, some cheat because their men can not satisfy them sexually.

Whatever reason they allude to being the cause of cheating, they cheat because their ego is at stake. While ego is sometimes a good thing, it is best to know when to compromise. Relationships, marriages have been destroyed all because of cheating and it all boils down to the ego of the cheating partner.

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