Deadpool 2 reasserts itself as the king of R-rated Movies

Deadpool 2 reasserts itself as the king of R-rated Movies

Deadpool 2 sequel to the 2016 blockbuster Deadpool is currently making the waves in the cinema. It’s release on May 18 sees Deadpool reassert itself as king of R-rated Moves grossing $ 355 million worldwide so far.

Knocking Inifirnty Wars off its perch is no mean feat but DeadPool 2 has managed that with a bit of pomp in its first weekend with it debuting at $125 million. This sum is less than the $134 million Deadpool made during it’s opening weeked, but still that’s an impressive sum. Critics have had their say about Deapool 2 and so far reviews have been positive. Certified fresh at 82% on Rottentomatoes and 66% on Metacritic, it is testament to a well developed screenplay.

Sequels have always tended to disappoint but not Deadpool 2. A captivating story-line and well developed characters has given us a well wrought epic movie and I cant wait for the sequel of this sequel. The introduction of the popular X Force gives us something to look forward to in their debut movie coming soon, which given Deadpool 2’s success should get us excited as well.

Deadpool 2 reasserts itself as the king of R-rated Movies

Ryan Reynolds performance once again as the Merc with a Mouth was superb and the end credits scene really was top notch as it served as a catharsis for him and for us as well when we look back to some terribly made “movies”.

Josh Brolin is definitely enjoying a resurgence with two movies where he plays major roles occupying the top of box office. As Thanos and now as Cable, you wont find a  more suitable and befitting portrayal of these characters.

With Solo: A Star Wars Story set for release in today, we wonder if Deadpool could still top the box office one more time before being toppled.

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