What Does a Donald Trump Victory Mean For a Young Nigerian?

What Does a Donald Trump Victory Mean For a Young Nigerian?

I was inside the banking hall of a first generation bank when CNN breaking news flashed DONALD TRUMP ELECTED PRESIDENT. I was shocked. I never thought he could defeat Hillary. A banker shook her head, “This is disaster. America’s gone crazy.”

I said to her, “the world just improved on his craziness. We Nigerians voted change and we do not seem sane. UK voted Brexit.” The banker agreed. I live in a country that has given me little and seems unclear of what she wants from me. I am a citizen of a country whose economy breathes on the availability of dollars. As I walked down the busy Awolowo Road, I thought of the implication of Trump’s victory on young Nigerians. Should the leader of the USA determine our fortunes?

America was tired of the ‘normal’ politician, so she voted an absolute abnormal, that’s America’s problem. Yet, it feels like Voldemort just won, and third world war is a strong possibility. Yes, it is possible. Donald Trump is America’s next President. Donald Trump is a crazy guy. Check history, Hitler existed.

If a third world war is not a worry for young Nigerians, please rethink. A little mistake from a world leader could trigger a coalition of terrorist to fight the world (terrorism is likely to take the place of anti-Semitism as reasons for invasions). Donald Trump does not seem like a man that has patience for diplomacy. If a war comes, what will Nigeria do?

A friend told me he was no longer interested in obtaining American visa. I asked why and he wondered if I had not heard that Donald Trump won.  “I have,” I replied.

“Then you should know about his views on immigration.”

I did not know much. I had little interest in the American election until he won. I was one of those people who thought Republicans had given a wealthy and spoilt clown a chance to waste his money. I was wrong.

With Donald Trump coming to power, Nigerians can expect tougher visa application to the USA.  Now the people at the American embassy can flex their muscles more and happily stamp ‘denied’ on visa applications. Getting to America just got interestingly harder.  Meanwhile Nigerians in America worry that they may not get their visa extended. The man does not want Mexicans and Nigerians who have taken Americans’ jobs.

America is a very charitable country but my best friend disagrees, he believes their aid has never stemmed from altruism but a gain to retain the status of Big Brother to Africa and the world.  For him, China and Russia are better for Africa. Under Donald Trump, African leaders should forget invitation to the White House unless America has something to gain from their country economically.

Beware! Our leaders may foolishly sell Africa to Trump’s America, right under our noses. Maybe, it is an exaggerated thought, but he is not interested in funding Africa’s problems. If we go by the words of Campaigner Donald Trump, Africa should forget the funding of her poverty. He will only do business with African countries that can contribute to making America great again, (are they not great already?).

America might also return to isolationism. New questions will come up. How much does Boko Haram affect US national security? Does Niger Delta bombing affect America’s economy? Will he care if Nigerians die because change is not working?

Donald Trump, ceteris paribus, will enter the White House as its new chief tenant in January. Based on his campaign, he will be more of an American President and less of a ‘world’ President.


I am still in Nigeria; the popular song is still change while the status quo remains.

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